Flexible Drawer Organisation made easy


Do you have a drawer where you just throw in all your storage containers? Maybe it’s all the different packages of pasta, muesli, rice and more. It doesn’t even have to be a drawer in the kitchen, but we’re sure we all have a drawer like that. A drawer that gives us a headache just thinking about opening it.

Luckily, Spaceflexx has arrived in Australia! This unique drawer insert comes with a full frame and 5 elastic dividers to fit containers of any size, and goods in between them. The flexible interior partitioning system adjusts to the size of your containers, preventing them from falling out. And if you choose to store liquid goods between it and they happen to spill, the elastic dividers are also machine washable – making it extra easy to keep clean.

However, as this drawer insert comes with a full frame, your drawer needs to have specific measurements to make sure it fits! You need to have an internal depth of 500mm and a minimum height of 130mm. The width is adjustable from 472mm to 520mm.

As this is a brand new product to our Australian market, we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you. Hearing from people who tested the insert, we’ve been told it comes in handy in far more areas than just the kitchen. Mums have used it to organise the often dreaded toy drawer. Photographers stored various size lenses in between, and families like to organise their bathroom drawer with it. Simple but efficient, that’s what we love most about clever storage solutions.

Keeping your home tidy can be so easy with the right tools to hand. Open your drawers with joy as you can be sure, everything will still be in its place.

For more information visit Häfele Home.

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