Industrial-Style Gantries

Industrial Style Gantries Marry Practicality with Elegance


All the rage in trendy European-style bistros, bars, restaurants and cafes, gantries marry industrial practicality with elegance and glamour, providing space-effective and easily accessible feature shelving for everything from teapots to pot plants.

Suspended from the ceiling, a gantry is the best way to display glasses, utensils and that fancy crockery which really deserves showing off — all without compromising accessibility.
Casa Cielo Design’s Industrial kitchen gantry is customisable to any ceiling height, can be teamed with hanging wine glass racks and/or utensil hooks, and can even be fitted with a rangehood and LED lighting wired through the hollow frames. What a way to bring restaurant chic to the home kitchen!

Homeowners with an eye for a bargain will love this gantry that doesn’t come with the price tag of being custom-made, as the adjustable features and DIY installation enable bulk manufacturing without compromising on quality.

Available in one-, two- or three-bay variants, the Industrial kitchen gantry includes guard rails to prevent items falling down the rear of the shelf, with taller variants including stainless-steel cable cross bracing to prevent pendulum swing.

The steel frames are finished in a matt black powder coat, which teams beautifully with new or recycled timber, glass, perforated metal or acrylic shelving of your choice to match or contrast your kitchen design.

With today’s lifestyle centred around open-plan living and the popularity of islands and peninsulas, the Industrial kitchen gantry is an ideal addition to the modern kitchen.

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