Julie Goodwin cooks up a storm with the Complete Home team


The Complete Home team had the pleasure of being invited by InSinkErator to a cooking class presented by none other than Julie Goodwin. Australia’s first MasterChef winner taught a delicious Lebanese dish and spoke about  food waste disposal systems

Contrary to what you might think, the Complete Home team aren’t especially experienced (or if we’re being honest, talented) when it comes to cooking food.

And so it was with great excitement that we were invited by InSinkErator to attend a cooking class at Julie’s Place, run by, you guessed it, Masterchef winner Julie Goodwin herself.

After watching a cooking demonstration by Julie on what we were making, we were split into pairs and placed at workbenches. An hour and a half later we sat down with Julie to feast on our hard work. Lebanese baba ghanouj, chicken tawouk, lamb kofta and fattoush — I don’t have to tell you how delicious it was as the photos are enough to cause salivating.

One thing that quickly became apparent about Julie, aside from her mastery of cooking, was her reliance on InSinkErator’s food waste disposal system, of which she owns two — one at her home and one at her work (she has named them Igor and Ivan).

Upon further investigation it wasn’t hard to understand why Julie is such a fan of InSinkErator’s food waste disposal system.

The InSinkErator Food Waste Disposal System is a truly impressive piece of kitchen tech. As anyone who works in the kitchen is aware, keeping it clean and tidy is a top priority—although unfortunately this is sometimes easier said than done, particularly when running a busy household.

InSinkEratorFood Waste Disposers provide a clean, convenient and environmentally responsible method of ridding the kitchen of food scraps. Installed discreetly under the kitchen sink, food waste is finely grinded before being sent via the sewage system to a wastewater treatment plant.  Treatment plants are designed to treat organic waste, in contrast to landfill sites that are the least desirable way to dispose of organic waste. Properly equipped facilities allow food waste to be recycled and converted into usable energy to power homes and businesses. This all means a win for the environment and a step forward for the modern Australian kitchen.

In Julie’s own words, “It is really hand for those food scraps we can’t give to our chooks or put on the compost heap. It reduces how much we are putting into landfill and is especially great for seafood scraps so they don’t make the bin smell”.

InSinkErator’s latest range, the Evolution Series, includes premium models that work at near silence and can grind nearly every type of food, including small bones, meat, fish heads, peelings, eggshells, nuts and much more.

The benefits of InSinkErator’s Food Waste Disposers include the removal of the need to transfer food scraps from the point of preparation to  another area in the kitchen for disposal, no more emptying food waste bins and cleaning the residue the food leaves behind and a more hygienic kitchen environment as food waste is no longer decomposing in kitchen bins.

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Written by Ben Nour

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