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This renovated 1920s Queenslander kitchen is where KBK Kitchens and designer Anne Ellard have masterfully combined contemporary elements with the home’s original period features, creating a kitchen that exudes luxury and functionality.

Award Category I Large Kitchens QLD – Finalist

Award Category I Australian Certified Designer of the year- Winner

At the heart of this culinary haven stands the captivating island, meticulously designed to be the focal point. As a passionate cook, the client wanted a space where they could effortlessly engage with guests while preparing and serving meals. To foster social interaction, guests are seated in a welcoming arrangement around the island’s back and side, while the cook enjoys a view of the outdoor entertainment area in this Queenslander kitchen.

The island’s feature colour, complemented by intricate skirting board details and a substantial bench, ensures it commands attention and admiration. For added convenience, all tall cabinetry was thoughtfully placed on one wall, opening up what was previously a dark corner beside a sunlit window. This clever rearrangement not only makes the kitchen feel more expansive than is predecessor, but also creates a bright and accessible breakfast station with ample storage.

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The transformation from the previous dark and lifeless kitchen to this bright and inviting space is striking. The design pays homage to the classic style of the home while daring to venture into a unique colour scheme that avoids the conventional white or white-and-navy palette. The lighter-coloured cabinetry with warm-grey undertones creates an inviting atmosphere, while the island’s calming soft grey hue with hints of blue and green contrast adds a touch of sophistication.

The quality and finesse extend to the kitchen’s materials and appliances. Cabinet doors boast a Polytec Berrima profile with a two-pack finish in Newport Blue on the island and Bone for the rest of the kitchen, harmonising effortlessly with solid blackbutt feature timber shelves. The benchtops, crafted from Cosentino Silestone Nolita in suede finish, provide a durable and stylish surface for the main bench and for the island. The use of upstands instead of a tiled splashback further enhances the sleek appearance of the kitchen.

Artfully concealed LED strip lighting beneath the timber shelving adds an ethereal glow to the space, operated effortlessly with hand sensors. Asko built-in and compact steam ovens, along with the Bora induction cooktop with integrated downdraft extractor, fulfil the client’s desire for functionality and efficiency. The overall result is a free flowing and inviting space that the clients love to spend time in cooking together and socialising with family and friends.

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