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When designing your new kitchen, it’s important to take the time to target storage problem areas with innovative solutions that will have a positive impact on the functionality of your kitchen

Blum has been observing consumers and their behaviour in kitchens around the world for well over 60 years, allowing the development of products and solutions that truly have a positive impact on how homeowners use their kitchen and living spaces.

Cabinet solutions like Blum’s sink cabinet offer a convenient and functional storage option for your kitchen. Cleaning, washing up and waste disposal are much easier as all functions are located conveniently in one cabinet. The U-shaped pull-out of the under-sink drawer puts the space around the sink to best possible use. Worktops are free from clutter and cleaning utensils, and cleaning agents can be stored out of sight and within reach right where they are used, allowing your benchtop to remain clutter-free.

When combining Blum’s sink drawer and waste bin pull-out applications, the Blum under-sink cabinet makes optimal use of the space available. The full extension makes it easy to access cleaning products, throw away waste, and empty and clean waste bins. For an extra-improved experience, combine the waste bin pull-out with Blum’s SERVO-DRIVE uno motion system. If your hands are full, wet or dirty, simply use your hip, knee or foot and the pull-out opens by itself silently and effortlessly. Practical inner dividing systems such as AMBIA-LINE and ORGA-LINE ensure that cleaning products are held securely.

If you need help identifying your practical needs and solutions for your new kitchen, Blum can help you by recognising your storage requirements and needs. The Blum Zone Planner is a unique interactive tool that can help you assess what storage and cabinet solutions your kitchen needs during the planning process, prompting you with questions that you may not consider at the inspirational phase of your project.

As a result of using the Blum Zone Planner, you will be given recommendations for cabinet solutions and interior organisation based on the information you have entered, which can help you to create a clear brief for your kitchen designer.

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Originally in Kitchen & Bathrooms Quarterly, Volume 26, Issue 3

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