The Style and Innovation of the FAB Fridge


Smeg’s iconic FAB fridge, which combines classic design with cutting-edge technology, has been the center of attention in kitchens all over the world for more than 20 years.

FAB refrigerators have established themselves as the pinnacle of made in Italy style thanks to their distinguishing curves and modern design. This month, Smeg is pleased to introduce the FAB38 as a new member of the collection.

Food is at the core of every Smeg design, and the new FAB38 is no different, with a cooking heritage spanning more than 70 years. The FAB38 boasts an impressive 510L storage space ideal for families and is offered in six eye-catching colors, including black, white, cream, red, pastel blue, and pastel green.

A new selection of cutting-edge features guarantees an exceptional user experience and is indicative of the superior technology used by Smeg. The multi-flow cooling system optimizes cooling to ensure a consistent temperature inside every compartment. Fruits, vegetables, and meat are preserved fresher and for a longer period of time with the effective multi-flow system when compared to conventional systems. Designed specifically for Smeg’s FAB collection, the Life Plus 00C drawer has a controlled temperature zone for better perishable item preservation. Internal LED lights let you see into every crevice without using more energy.

Smeg Fridge

Since its introduction in kitchens everywhere in the world in 1997, the FAB design is instantly recognizable as a Smeg creation. According to Jim Kalotheos, Managing Director of Smeg Australia, “the new FAB38 fridge continues to deliver market-leading innovations and the iconic retro aesthetic of the original FAB collection.”.

A rounded silhouette defines both the FAB exterior and interior, giving it a new soul and balanced proportions. An internal control panel with a digital display has been upgraded from the original collection and offers precise temperature monitoring to ensure the longevity of perishable foods. The FAB38 maximizes freshness and minimizes food waste with its three functions—ECO, fast freezing, and temperature alarm.

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