A New Sensory Experience by Smeg


Coffee is an experience that fascinates all the senses, an enveloping aroma, a strong taste and a gesture that becomes an opportunity to dedicate a moment of pleasure, alone or to share.

The new Smeg BCC01 and BCC02 automatic coffee machines transform every break into a real moment of pleasure, at home or at the bar, with all the aroma of freshly ground coffee.

A Stylish Break

Smeg Coffee Machine

With an incredibly compact size, the new Smeg automatic coffee machines are distinguished by an attractive design characterized by soft and essential lines, by shiny profiles in contrast with the brushed aluminum front panel. Available in four matt colors, they have an elegant and sophisticated appearance, suitable to give any environment, from the most classic to the contemporary, a touch of unmistakable style.

Ready to Use

Smeg Coffee

Having a good coffee has never been easier. Just fill the container with the coffee beans of your favorite blend and rely on the technology of the automatic BCC machine to get a drink ready in a few seconds. Thanks to the simple and intuitive control panel and one touch functions, a single touch is enough to select a wide variety of beverages, giving you a totally personalized experience.

Pleasure of a Freshly Ground Coffee

Smeg Coffee Machine

A sensory journey that involves all the senses: not just a strong and enveloping taste, but an irresistible aroma that makes coffee a real moment of relaxation. With a choice of up to eight drinks, from Espresso to cappuccino, or the most international American coffee, the automatic coffee machine offers an iconic coffee experience capable of awakening the senses of those who love to be enveloped by the aroma of freshly ground coffee.

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