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The latest and greatest kitchen appliances


A definitive list of the hottest kitchen appliances and products to see you through 2017 and beyond

Cool tech

Applainces - Samsung fridge

If high tech appliances are what you’re after, this fridge is what you need. It comes with the ability to connect to your home network, a Samsung Smart Home app which allows you to access a photo of the contents of your fridge at any time, an LCD touchscreen display which allows you to bring up recipes and order ingredients without leaving the kitchen, and built-in speakers with Bluetooth connectivity. As well as all this, the fridge also includes a fourth door on the bottom right freezer section which converts from a freezer to wine cooler or fridge as required. Samsung 671L Family Hub French Door Fridge, harveynorman.com.au

Mix it up

Appliances: KitchenAid Artisan Mini Mixer

Designed to cater for culinary enthusiasts with limited kitchen counter space, the small but mighty KitchenAid Artisan Mini Mixer offers the same power and performance as its full-size counterpart, though it is 25 per cent lighter and smaller than the larger model. It comes in 10 colours, features 10 variable speeds and includes more than 10 attachments, including a flat beater, wire whip and dough hook. KitchenAid Artisan Mini Mixer, kitchenaid.com.au

Wine down and relax

Applainces - Hisense wine fridge

Available in 36 and 58 bottle variations, Hisense Wine Cabinets are elegant in style and have been designed to blend into the kitchen seamlessly. The cabinets are fitted with interior LED lighting, allowing for easy wine selection. Its dual temperature zones and internal wooden shelving mean that both reds and whites can be stored simultaneously in optimal conditions, at correct angles. Hisense Wine Cabinets, hisense.com.au

Bubbly fun

Appliance: PLAY White Side

The easy way to make sparkling drinks and carbonated water in the comfort of your own home, the SodaStream Play comes in several bright colours as well as the more neutral option of white, making it suitable for every kitchen. The Play features the new “auto-lift” slider, which automatically returns to its original position after carbonation. It also includes the popular “snap-lock” mechanism, which locks the carbonating bottle into the bottle rest in a single-push motion, making it quick, simple and easy to use. SodaStream Play, thegoodguys.com.au


Appliance: Arisit Sirius Induction Cooktop

This unique cooking solution offers the perfect blend of sleek touch controls and the ease of a built-in downdraft rangehood in the one unit. Featuring an automatic heat-up function, booster and bridge functionality on all zones, full electronic touch controls and four induction speeds, this is truly a feature-packed masterpiece and one that’s also beautiful. The compact design is created from grade-304 stainless steel with black bevelled edges and the choice of a three- or four-zone induction hob. Arisit Sirius Induction Cooktop, siriusbrand.com

Mounting magic

Appliance iport

Almost every home has an iPad nowadays, and the iPort allows for this all-important gadget to be mounted on any wall surface, including plasterboard, brick, wood, concrete and even glass. A wide selection of apps and interoperability with home appliances and entertainment devices enables the Surface Mount to control virtually all facets of the home — from switching on the air-conditioner to changing playlists on the hi-fi system. iPort Surface Mount, iportproducts.com

Blended treats

This blender may look like an appliance from the ‘50s, but its functionality is as modern as it gets. Perfect for preparing desserts, cocktails and smoothies, the blender includes a “soft start” feature, which ensures no splatters and very even blending and mixing. The blender boasts four speed settings and three preset programs — smoothie, ice crush and pulse. Smeg Retro Blender, smeg.com.au

Blade of glory

Appliances: Miyabi 7000d

Hand-crafted in the Samurai sword-making capital of the world (Seki, Japan), each Miyabi 7000D kitchen knife is said to take 45 artisans 42 days to perform the more than 100 steps required for production. The knife can be honed to an exceptional level of sharpness, which will last for a lot longer than that of other knives. Miyabi 7000d, cg.dksh.com.au

The pressure’s on

Appliances: Fagor Duo Combi

This mix-and-match concept whereby a set of two pans — including a pressure-cooker lid, a tempered-glass lid and a stainless-steel steamer basket — can be used for pressure cooking, traditional stove-top cooking as well as steaming. A versatile option for the modern kitchen! Fagor Duo Combi, cg.dksh.com.au

Smoked to perfection

Appliances: Breville Smoking Gun

If smoked meats are a family favourite, this nifty appliance is a must. It is perfect for adding a natural smoke flavour and aroma of applewood or hickory to meat, seafood, vegetables, sauces and cocktails. Easy to use, the Smoking Gun is battery operated, with dual speed for ignition and slow burn. Breville Smoking Gun, breville.com.au


A steamer’s delight

Appliances: Gaggenau 60cm Combi-Steam Oven

This snazzy combi-steam oven can do just about anything: steaming, baking, simmering, braising, regenerating, extracting juice, as well as grilling and browning. It also comes with a sous-vide function, which allows for the exceptionally precise heating of every dish. Best of all, the oven features a fully automatic cleaning system, which can be easily operated at the push of a button. Gaggenau 60cm Combi-Steam Oven, 400 series, gaggenau.com/au

The golden age

Appliances: Kambrook Golden Pancake Perfection

There’s nothing quite like fresh pancakes for brekkie, and the Kambrook Golden pancake maker will ensure they are perfect every time. While able to make two large, light and fluffy pancakes in just two minutes, the pancake maker can also be used to create other delicious snacks including savoury fritters, crispy potato rosti, prawn toast and more. Kambrook Golden Pancake Perfection, kambrook.com.au

The speedy choice

Appliances: Whirlpool Crisp N’ Grill Convection Microwave

This nifty appliance looks like a microwave, and cooks like an oven at microwave speed. It boasts the ability to roast, defrost, crisp, toast, cook and bake food items, as well as heat up food as an ordinary microwave would. Whirlpool Crisp N’ Grill Convection Microwave, thegoodguys.com.au

 Sous-vide made easy

Appliances: Miele Vacuum-Sealing Drawers


Made to harmoniously complement the Miele steam oven, the Miele Vacuum-Sealing Drawers effectively vacuum-pack food ready for the sous-vide steam oven process, as well as for freezing and storage. The appliance includes several controls which can be used to set the vacuum-sealing stage and the sealing duration to accommodate varying foods and storage requirements. Miele Vacuum-Sealing Drawers, miele.com.au