Reaching new heights: an elevated style of rangehood


The new ILVE Ceiling rangehood will take your kitchen to an elevated level of sophistication and style

Clean lines and premium materials are behind the new CHR1000, intuitively constructed to keep the kitchen space smoke-, odour- and vapour-free. The rangehood is devised to blend in with the kitchen ceiling and designed to be unimposing within the kitchen space, unlike other island-style hoods.

The design incorporates a modern stainless-steel and white-glass finish, with LED strip lights that produce a natural brightness, illuminating the cooking area. Powered by a sophisticated remote control, the rangehood ensures complete control when using the cooktop.

The appliance’s innovative “plug & play” system means the hood can easily be installed in either air recycling or duct out modes, making this Ceiling hood extremely versatile. The upkeep of the CHR1000 has been kept to a minimum, with a washable anti-grease aluminium filter as well as a light indicating when the grease filter needs cleaning and maintaining. This leaves time for the more important things in life … like cooking!

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