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Well known for its innovative and quality products, ILVE’s new oven range is no exception. In consultation with Europe’s leading architects and designers, the company has created an exceptional collection that is intentionally timeless.

Technology is at the forefront of the range, which offers customers a new feature called CHEF-assist. This includes a colour TFT touch screen with a smart control panel available in 11 language settings and with more than 35 pre-set recipe modes. To make cooking even more enjoyable, the range also offers automatic cooking times, weight pre-sets and has the brilliant function of automatically changing recipes from Celsius to Fahrenheit, making temperature conversions easier than ever before.

Ensuring protection of your cabinetry, ILVE’s unique Tangential Ventilation System (TVS) smartly circulates air around and disengages when required, ensuring minimal energy consumption and maximum efficiency.
The range also includes a nickel-free enamel interior, which is not only easy to clean but also reduces the toxicity of the materials that come into contact with food. The oven doors are created with thermo-reflective glass to ensure a cool exterior is maintained as well as even cooking temperatures.

Offering more room than ever before, the ovens’ full-size glass doors provide a panoramic view of the internal cavity. The interiors contain no joins or welds, so there is nowhere for grease, fat and other cooking residues to hide, allowing for quicker and more thorough cleaning. Additionally, each oven has a removable back panel to give the user easy access to the fan, allowing for further easier cleaning and maintenance.
The easy-release telescopic oven side racks can be removed with just one hand and without the need of any tools. The racks are coated with a special metallic alloy to make them dishwasher safe, helping to cut down on cleaning time and clutter in your sink. With numerous other features and benefits, the built-in range from ILVE is priced from $1299 to $5299.

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Originally in Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly Issue 23 Volume 3

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