Staron® Solid Surfaces offers gorgeous greys for days


Inspired by the endless beauty of nature, Staron® Solid Surfaces has introduced four new colours to its collection. Sanded Taupe, Pebble Boulder, Sanded Goose and Aspen Misto are unique colours composed of different hues and shades of grey found in inspirations such as concrete and mist.

Sanded Goose

Sophisticated, intense and bold, Sanded Taupe is a deep and beautiful grey with warm, earthy tones. Fine, darker particulates are scattered evenly throughout for added depth to this inviting hue, emulating the dense grey of wet concrete. This colour will complement virtually any material, colour and style project, from traditional to modern design.

Pebble Boulder

Pebble Boulder is elegant, invigorating and refined. This colour reflects the hues found in large rock fragments by the ocean. It features larger particulates in darker and softer greys that will add warmth to a room.

Sanded Goose

Like the gentle wave a goose makes as it glides through the water, Sanded Goose is a soft grey hue with fine medium-grey particulates. A serene and cool colour, these tones will create a calming yet uplifting ambience in your space. With neutral tones, Sanded Goose pairs well with a range of colours or materials to create a harmonious environment.

Aspen Misto

Aspen Misto: urban, distinctive and poised. With a medium-grey background, and darker, fine particulates evenly scattered throughout, this colour emulates the grey found on mountaintops on a misty winter morning. Adding balance to a combination of materials in a room, this colour’s beauty will have a striking impact.

Staron® materials are non-porous in nature, with inconspicuous joining capabilities and the ability to renew the surface. Beautiful and low-maintenance, Staron® can be used to create monolithic flowing benchtops, splashbacks, bathroom vanities and endless other applications. With this affordable, quality solid surface backed by a 10-year warranty, it’s time to add some shades of grey to your space.

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Originally in Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly Vol. 26 No. 1

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