Strong kitchen statement

Too often a kitchen comes along that has all the makings of a spectacular space but is let down by poor craftsmanship.

This is certainly not the case here; Fresh Kitchen Solutions has come to the table with this striking design.

Vibrant, glossy, red cabinetry creates a big statement and belies a clean, simple design that has been executed using the finest materials and workmanship.
Accessibility was a key aspect in this design, with Fresh Kitchen Solutions creating a space that could be entered from both ends of the home.

A sizeable, visually balanced island bench acts as a divider between the kitchen and the large living area, providing the perfect place to rest food and drinks when entertaining.

Placement of appliances and other features were crucial to the symmetry of the space. The Fresh Kitchen Solutions team positioned an artfully designed rangehood on the rear wall between a pair of cabinets to produce an eye-catching focal point.
Other appliances, including a micro provision appliance cupboard, have been seamlessly integrated into the design so as not to interrupt the flow of the space, while also emphasising the kitchen’s “balanced” appearance.

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