The Block 2015 Kitchen reveals – what worked and what didn’t.

The Block 2015 Kitchen reveals – what worked and what didn’t.
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The Block Kitchen reveals happened last Sunday and the end product is a result of endless drama, fighting and competitiveness in order for each couple to get one up on their rival couples. Here’s what worked and what didn’t.

What worked:

1. Butler pantries. Big fan. Although these weren’t quite the traditional ones that normally come to mind, they were like the little brothers and sisters of the butler pantry world as each were a bit smaller to fit in with the size of the kitchen. Two thumbs up.

2. Marble top. It’s the craze right now and so it should be. The finish on each one looked absolutely incredible, a definite stand out in the revealing of each kitchen.

3.Push touch cupboards and draws. Even though the winning kitchen didn’t have these, the other three knocked it out of the park with this concept. Adding a touch of class, the idea is a must have in all kitchens










What didn’t:

1. Nearly bottomless sinks. Really? Building a kitchen was the goal right? We’re not going to wash our dog in it. Way too industrial and with a kitchen size that big, I doubt they’ll be host to lots of people so an overly large sink isn’t necessary.

2. Double D’s use of mosaic tiles. Yikes. I know a lot of pool creators that use mosaic in order to give it that glimmering feeling when you look at it, but it doesn’t work in a kitchen.

3. Goal posts. Obviously not actual goal posts, but I don’t want to feel like I’m entering the Temple of Hephaestus when all I want to do is make pasta.

Overall, all kitchens delivered on innovation and design. Even though all of them seemed quite similar, each one had minute details that separated it from the rest. Kudos to all couples!


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