Cooking revolutionised: cooktop and steam oven


De Dietrich has come to embody sleek design and revolutionary cooking technology — and it’s not hard to understand why, with impressive products like their Le Piano Zoneless Induction Cooktop

De Dietrich’s Le Piano Zoneless Induction Cooktop has revolutionised home cooking, allowing even the most inexperienced home cook to create dishes like a professional.

The cutting-edge, intuitive technology allows up to five different vessels to be cooking at various temperatures simultaneously. By placing pots or saucepans anywhere on the hob, Le Piano takes over, determining where each is placed and adjusting the temperature accordingly.

Le Piano has three pre-set cooking modes. Solo allows the entire cooking area to be set at a uniform temperature to cook several dishes at the same time with the same setting. Piano mode creates three separate and independent cooking zones, each with its own adjustable setting, while the Expert function recognises each vessel and memorises chosen settings.

Corium Collection’s Platinum Steam Oven (DOV1145X) is the future of steam cooking. Having introduced its first advanced steam oven in 1997, De Dietrich’s model quickly gained culinary fame due to its ingenious craftsmanship.
The oven retains the essential vitamins, minerals and delicate nutrients of the food while cooking. No oil or seasoning is required, which allows healthy, lean food to be savoured at its freshest. With an ability to cook myriad dishes and produce, it’ll also concurrently steam foods that require varied cooking times.

It boasts a black and silver exterior with a stainless-steel inside, offers eight cooking temperatures from 55 to 100 degrees, and has a multi-start program as well as a shelf-level illuminated display. It has a 29L capacity and comes with an optional stacking kit to steam two levels of food at once.

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Originally in Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly Volume 22, Issue 1

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