Transform Your Home with the Stylish and Practical Nover DesignerSplash Range


Something that can be an afterthought for many when designing a room is the splashback.

Nover splashback design

While plumbing, appliances and paint are often the first boxes to be ticked in a refurb, the splashback is often a later addition but it can make a world of difference visually. It serves an important purpose, too, by keeping your walls protected from heat damage and food splatters in the kitchen, as well as free of moisture in your laundry and bathroom. Aside from helping to protect your home from heat and moisture, splashbacks provide the opportunity to add some colour and personality to match your style.

splashbacks provide the opportunity to add some colour and personality to match your style.

The new DesignerSplash range from Nover is a standout collection, offering a broad selection of textures and tones. They’re designed to be incredibly versatile, perfect for the typical spots like kitchen, laundry and bathroom. However, a splashback can also be used for your shower or wall lining, as a feature wall in your home or even in a retail fitout.

The new DesignerSplash range

The best parts of Nover’s products are they’re made specifically for this job. They’re created to be lightweight, easy to install, and low maintenance to keep looking beautiful once they’re in. Being both flame retardant and water resistant, they can be used anywhere for an affordable yet stunning and high-performing addition to your home.

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