DecoWood Aluminium Windows – The Perfect Compromise


If you have vowed to never stain another timber window again, you are not alone and you won’t have to thanks to DecoWood Aluminium Windows.

Seasoned renovators Jarrod and Megan Rose were at a stalemate when it came to the window selection for their latest renovation.

Located in Killcare, a small and secluded village surrounded by bush and ocean views on the NSW central coast, Jarrod was adamant that they would not be installing timber windows this time around. The punishing environment of salty air and direct sunlight; he could already foresee his future weekends wasting away sanding and painting. There was no way he was going to let that happen.

However, the gorgeous Aussie Coastal design created by the couple’s architect Fabric Architecture, meant timber windows were key to achieving the house’s overall look and feel. A keen style-enthusiast, Megan wasn’t going to let the design down with plain aluminium frames.

Aluminium Windows

Enter DecoWood, the Super Durable timber-look finish for aluminium windows by Australian company DECO Australia.

DecoWood looks just like real timber says Megan. “When you touch it, it’s very soft and silky, so it doesn’t even feel like aluminium.” “I do say it jokingly to people, I just can’t believe it’s not timber.”

The DecoWood® finish utilises European sublimation or photo imaging technology to transfer a timber grain image into a piece of powder coated aluminium. The result is a remarkably realistic timber-looking aluminium finish.

DECO Australia uses high-quality ‘Class 2’ powders that are marine grade and UV-resistant – and 50% more durable than standard powder coating typically used in Australia – meaning the DecoWood® finish offers superior durability when it comes to beach-side locations like where the Rose’s live.

“Timber just isn’t up to the job in this environment. And DecoWood is almost like second to none. It’s durable even more than standard aluminium.” says Jarrod. “The coating is pretty much bomb proof!”

Probably the best part of Jarrod and Megan’s DecoWood windows, however, is the minimal amount of maintenance. A simple hose down or a wipe over a couple of times a year (even less if you don’t live by the beach) is all that is needed. Weekends are magically free again.

Aluminium Windows

Megan comments that DecoWood has been a really nice compromise. “Renovation can be stressful and the fact that we found that compromise with me having the warmth and beauty of timber windows, and relatively no maintenance for Jarrod, is a win-win.”

Some might even start dubbing it a marriage saver!

The DecoWood finish is available is across a range of aluminium building products like battens, cladding and decking, and thankfully for people like the Roses, it is also available across a wide range of window and door systems from Australia’s leading aluminium windows and door companies.

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