Unique white kitchen design


An open-plan kitchen design that exudes contemporary sophistication

“This design is about being unique. We created a massive open  and distinctive kitchen playing on the contrast of a ‘white with a splash of black’ colour scheme. Minimalist design allows for wellorganised storage space. The black feature wall combined with the immense two-toned island generates definition and is a result of input from the homeowners. Designing within a new home, we had a blank canvas with the exception of an awkwardly placed window. The large island that dominates the front of the kitchen provides plenty of food prep and serving space while creating a barrier, closing an area for the cook to work undisturbed. Cleverly hiding much of the pantry and storage area, the sliding glass doors keep the kitchen looking simple and clean.”
Designer: Con Moshopoulos for Urban Kitchens


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Originally published in Kitchen Yearbook Volume 17

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