Waste disposer: essential for modern kitchens


Australians love cooking and entertaining more than ever, but the more we cook, the more food scraps and waste we have to deal with. And with our sweltering climate, food waste left in kitchens or bins instantly attracts insects and bacteria, and creates nasty food smells

That’s why an InSinkErator food waste disposer is a must-have appliance for the modern kitchen. Rather than scraping and pouring messy food waste into a kitchen pedal bin, simply turn on the cold water tap, switch on and empty the food waste into the sink.

With the touch of a button, the disposer grinds just food waste into tiny particles that are easily flushed down the sink drain. Almost any food waste is dealt with by the waste disposer in seconds — even meat bones. This means fewer insects and lingering odours in the kitchen, making it a more pleasant environment for family and social gatherings — even in the hottest Australian summer — not to mention the time you’ll save on cleaning up.

InSinkErator is a striking example of how technology and design combine to make our lives that much easier. The unit sits discreetly out of sight under the kitchen sink, and is easy to install in most kitchen sinks. All you need is standard plumbing and a nearby power source. It is also perfectly safe as the quiet grinding action means there are no knives or blades.

The InSinkErator Food Waste Disposer helps you do your bit for the environment too. An average Australian household sends almost 1000kg of food waste to landfill annually. With an InSinkErator Food Waste Disposer, this food waste can be recycled through the sewerage system, via a waste-water plant, where they typically convert the methane gas into usable energy.

Built to last, the InSinkErator features overload protection and stainless-steel grinding elements on most models and comes with a two-to-six-year warranty.

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Originally from Kitchens and Bathrooms Quarterly magazine, Volume 21.3

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