4 must-know details when buying houses and land packages

Clarendon Homes provide the answers to four commonly asked and must-know questions when it comes to buying a Sydney house and land package

4 must-know details when buying a house and land package

Building a house from scratch can be a stressful pursuit. When it comes to buying  houses or land for your new build, it can be long and drawn out even before your builder has been able to lay the foundation slab. That’s why Clarendon offers the convenient option of a house and land package: everything you need in one build bundle.

If the ease, efficiency and effectiveness of a package seems too good to be true, they want to address your concerns and answer your questions whe buying houses.

What is a house and land package?

“A house and land package is the bundled purchase of a new home and the land it’s built on. Our packages are already pre-designed to suit the land, saving you the time and trouble of getting building approvals from local authorities. We’ve already done the hard work, selecting which home designs suit specific blocks and ensuring you get the best out of your new home.”

Why is a house and land package an appealing option?

“It’s getting harder and harder to find a good block of land in a decent area. Then, if you do find one, the requirements you need to meet can place certain restrictions on the land before you can proceed with your plans of buying houses. Choosing a house and land package will save you the trouble. You will be able to buy brand new without the leg work for the building process which has been done for you for potentially less financial commitment as well.

Why should I get a house and land package from Clarendon Homes?

“We have beautiful homes in great locations across 40+ estates. Clarendon Homes has their finger on the pulse of some of the most sought after locations across Sydney and regional NSW. Our most recent land additions include Marsden Park, Jordan Springs, Leppington, Oran Park, Box Hill, Kellyville, The Ponds & the North and South Coast of NSW.”

How can I buy a house and land package from Clarendon?

“Firstly, browse through our packages and filter by region, price range and size, allowing you to find a package that is suited to your needs. Our house and land packages also come with our inclusions offering, that are reflected on the price of the house. We’ll help you create personalised touches using our Lifestyle Studio, opting for those depending on what suits to your taste and budget.

Visiting us on site will also help you get accustomed to the area that the land sits in, and decide whether you would like to make the estate your home.”

Find a house and land package perfect for you!

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