5 benefits of regular site meetings with your builder

Communication is a vital part of creating any new home, and these 5 reasons demonstrate why regular site meetings with your builder are so important

5 benefits of regular site meetings with your builder

Anyone that is researching the process of building a new home or that has ever built before, will know that good communication is one of the most vital aspects of builder/client relations. There are countless articles written explaining the importance of asking the questions about the many details of building a home. There is also a large school of thought towards having every single detail of your build locked in and finalised before building starts. From a builders perspective, this one sounds like nirvana both to the clients and to me. The reality is that this nirvana simply doesn’t exist, in fact, I will go so far to say that having every single detail locked down before construction commences is actually counterproductive and, in the end, a detriment to the finished home.

There is, however, a different way to approach a build that produces a magnificent outcome for the client. This is to follow our structure of making final selections as the home takes shape. This allows our clients to see and feel the spaces of their home before making final choices that, once built, are more often than not, unable to be changed.

Clear, practical and productive communication is at the heart of our entire company. One of the foundations of this comes about due to our regular site meetings with our clients. We encourage meetings every 2 to 3 weeks and often achieve this by locking away an hour first thing in the morning before clients start their workday.

Why are site meetings so vital?

  • They build trusting relationships with our clients, allowing us to completely understand their needs. A regular forum for clients to ask questions which, in turn, alleviates their anxiety.
  • Clear and concise face-to-face communication stops the back and forth emails and prevents misunderstandings. Meetings, believe or not, are time efficient. Rather than getting caught up in building jargon and terminology via email, a face-to-face meeting, on site, allows us and the client to look through the building works on site or samples and to make decisions with clarity and certainty.
  • They provide a connection for the clients to their new home, not only allowing them to add their personal touches, but to immerse in the excitement of seeing their new home taking shape.
  • Site progress is kept up-to-date. By regular site meetings, our clients see that there is no lag time on their home and the build is progressing to schedule.
  • There are no surprises. Because our clients are involved in their project every step of the way and are consulted on every decision, there are no surprises or shocks come the end of the build. Our open and honest communication and the respect we have for our clients, makes certain of that.

Here is what a few of Peninsula Homes’ satisfied clients have had to say:

“In the initial stages of planning and approval, I did not expect the level of consultation with us and council. It was amazing to have such a part in what was happening. After that, my expectations were set very high – and were always delivered upon”

Product – excellent

Service – outstanding

Team – hard working, efficient, wonderful to deal with

Paul & Angela – Mona Vale

“Speed of build, flexibility during build, always contactable, quality workmanship, ongoing service – Excellent. We look forward to doing it again soon”

Helen & Chris – Freshwater

“Our whole experience with Peninsula Homes from the first meeting, through to the completion of our dream home has been an enjoyable, exciting, positive and stress-free experience due to the service & professional manner of the whole team. Paul & Steve were always contactable and kept us in the loop throughout the whole building process. We would recommend that anyone wanting to build to contact Peninsula Homes.”

Sue & Gary – North Manly

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