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01/ Letter Display We’ve found the niftiest product on the market. This letter display is a beautiful format for sharing words in a space. It features a wall-mounted system that can be changed daily to display different words and phrases, so you’ll find a home for this versatile item no matter where you live. It can be a menu, to-do list, an ideas board — the list goes on  George and Willy

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02/ Galleria Series Stegbar’s new range of built-in and walk-in wardrobes, the Galleria Series, optimises bedroom space with clever design and flexible storage options to suit any room. Homeowners can mix and match between the collections — Couture, Tailored and Essentials — choosing
from a variety of board finishes, hardware, accessories and drawers. 

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03/ Arne Storage Collection If you love interior design but find yourself constantly out of space, these clever storage solutions are an easy fix. The Arne Storage Collection in solid American oak, made from sustainably sourced timbers, will instantly update your home and provide some much-needed storage. Icon By Design

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04/ Keemala Resort and Spa Want to get away this summer but not sure where to go? Keemala Resort and Spa in Phuket is the answer to your holiday prayers. Keemala is situated well away from the crowds and overlooks Kamala Village and the Andaman Sea. Nestled in the hills and lush woodlands, it offers a retreat from everyday life and welcomes you to an enchanting evergreen wonderland. Pack your bags. Keemala

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05/ Skp Luxury Department Store There’s never a time when we aren’t up for shopping. London-based architecture and design practice Sybarite is responsible for the
creation of a new 250,000sqm, 20-storey, luxury landmark SKP store in Xi’an, China. The Xi’an project came after the extraordinary success of the practice’s design and rebranding for SKP Beijing — currently the world’s second-most successful department store by revenue.

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