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Beautiful Homes Silkwood

The Silkwood Group of companies operates under the leadership of John Stephens, a well-established home builder of national standing. John is a firm believer in education and makes it a priority within his companies. By sharing with his employees the extensive industry knowledge and experience he’s gained throughout his career, John is able to expand their knowledge base and better equip them for all eventualities. This commitment to education applies equally to all departments.

Beautiful Homes Silkwood

According to John, having management and staff who are knowledgeable, multi-skilled and can easily adapt to a wide variety of different situations is his winning formula, and it’s a methodology derived from the years of dedication he has given to the construction industry. As with any successful formula, the evidence is in the results. Many of the key staff members, tradesmen and suppliers John started out with remain right by his side today. When you dig deeper into the methodology, you also discover it’s an approach that likewise produces in employees a shared passion for the work they do and a similar vision, not just for tomorrow, but well beyond.

Beautiful Homes Silkwood


With a clear vision for the future, John recently launched a new strategy catering to both the retail and investment property markets. The plan? To deliver individually crafted homes direct to owner-occupiers and people looking to upgrade from their current homes, while continuing his successful partnership within the property investment sector. This new initiative was required to distinguish the entities, while replicating the core values that have driven his current market success. John looked to his hand-selected team and, as a collective, they launched the new entity, Silk Living By Silkwood Homes. As part of the launch, three new product series were introduced to market: Prestige Living By Silkwood Homes, Lifestyle Living By Silkwood Homes and Easy Living By Silkwood Homes. Each offers purchasers a range of inclusions to match individual budgets. Offering a competitive and clear point of difference, the Silkwood Group’s strategic move is being implemented within the retail builder sector in numerous display villages throughout south-east Queensland and northern NSW. In short, John and the Silkwood team are rolling out a brand-new home-buying experience.

Beautiful Homes Silkwood

With the first part of the strategy well underway, the second, equally important part was implemented. The goal? To distinguish John’s investment product when it was being presented to financial and valuation firms. A new brand, one that would be instantly recognisable yet provide brand continuity, was required. John’s team developed a brand extension strategy tailored to the property investment arena and SILKINVEST was launched.
SILKINVEST offers two products, Lifestyle Invest and Easy Invest, with full turnkey options. To Silkwood, full turnkey means everything from turf and landscaping to air-conditioning — everything tenants need to simply walk in, unpack and start living. The SILKINVEST products are exclusively available within the property investment sector.

Beautiful Homes Silkwood
Now well primed for the future, The Silkwood Group continues to expand its presence throughout Australia. The head office is on the Gold Coast in sunny Queensland but the company also has offices in Newcastle and Ballina in NSW — and the company’s first Victorian office will open within the next 12 months. In addition, Silkwood Homes has display homes in Pimpama and Ripley Valley in Queensland with a new one soon to open at Kings Forest in Kingscliff, NSW.
The Silkwood experience has always been, and remains, one that is quality- and customer-focused. Silkwood offers impeccable craftsmanship, a high level of finishes, a wide range of inclusions, quality assurance and an experience that is free from stress, complexity and hidden costs. The aim is to provide an unmatched and enjoyable home building experience with an unparalleled level of service, both during the build process and after the home is completed.
As you can see, The Silkwood Group is perfectly positioned to deliver precisely what you need, whether you’re building your first home, upgrading or complementing your property investment portfolio.


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