A Colourful Intervention for the Modern Workplace


The fresh and vibrant design of the new campus establishes a statement of change and transition for the evolving nature of the work and learning space.

The approach for Open Universities focuses on creating an innovative and open space that delivers an immersive, interactive and team orientated atmosphere. Through multi-functional and collaborative spaces, the new workplace encourages a culture of connectivity and exchange between individuals.

Adapting to the contemporary nature of flexible, versatile and human-centric work spaces; the process was open and engaging from the start. Influenced by “Blue Sky Thinking” workshops and constant input from focus groups, the new office is a space that inspires through thoughtful design.


A colourful intervention over the 2700m2 space, Open Universities leverages 3 story high atrium ceilings paired with extravagant trees in the Reception and Town Hall meeting spaces creates a relaxing and tranquil welcoming environment to elevate this workplace project


Echoing Spectrum Australia’s philosophy of commercial pragmatism and high standards of design, each element of the space has been thoughtfully chosen for practicality and functionality. Rooms are made to be inherently adaptive, with writable walls and designs that encourage multifunctionality, while the overall open-plan layout enhances seamless spatial transitions to maximise workflow and productivity. The harmonious balance of work and play is achieved through the composition of a dedicated staff hub complemented by overlayed electric and vibrant graphics and accents of bright colours. The office explores a narrative of a productive workplace enhanced by comfort and a focus on health and wellbeing.


A central meeting space and hub within the office, the kitchen boasts a light-filled environment complemented with splashes of colour with the expansive graphic murals along the walls. Taking pride of place on the counter, the Zip HydroTap 4-in-1 incorporates the Classic Boiling Chilled filtered tap and Arc Mixer for washing up is the perfect addition to the Open Universities space. The tap elevates the emphasis on employee health and wellbeing with the delivery of a superior hydrating system that redefines the relationship with water. With just one tap, employees are able to enjoy instant boiling and chilled filtered water and stay efficiently hydrated throughout the workday.


Celebrating the growing possibilities for workplace culture, Open Universities have adopted the changes through a refined and energetic aesthetic. By recognising the importance and demand for a collaborative, engaging and inspiring office space, The Spectrum Australia Group pushes the boundaries of reshaping the concept of a good balance between work and play. A space dedicated to enhance productivity and conversation, Open Universities believes in human connectivity through a dynamic, inclusive and stimulating open- plan design.

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