Challenging home project

Some of the most coveted Queensland homes began life as pipe dreams with a greater chance of failure than of success.

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Located on what are politely called “difficult” sites, which is both their blessing and curse, these houses have one thing in common: a guardian angel in the form of Ezy Homes.

“Most of our clients have land that other kit home suppliers/builders avoid,” explains Greg Wardlaw of Ezy Homes. “We have a lot of projects on absolute oceanfront, steep and sloping sites, and rocky, narrow and remote plots because our system makes it affordable to build there.”

For more than 10 years, the family-owned business has been responsible for the transformation of complex locations into enviable residences throughout Australia. What makes these feats possible is the unique steel pole construction system used by Ezy Homes to build on such spirited sites. It has allowed the kit home company to find and fill a niche among its peers.

“Although we are in the same industry, our clients do not have the same needs as those of other kit home businesses,” Greg clarifies. “People with flat land looking for a basic steel frame are not our market. Essentially, our message is ‘customised steel pole homes for steep/oceanside/remote building sites’.”

This element of customisation is crucial to each project as no one site resembles the next, so all must be approached individually. Building up from a flat slab on the ground is not a familiar state of affairs for Ezy Homes, so each of its 13 standard designs is able to be adapted to suit client needs and site demands. “They’re just a starting point, really. From there, people can extend the plan or add another level, make it split level, incorporate a deck and so on. Our customers are limited only by their imagination and budget,” Greg says.

Design modification and the steel pole construction system are responsible for the realisation of these pipe-dream homes that would have otherwise been destined to remain in the realm of wishful thinking because of the complicated sites beneath them. Seeing their kit homes come to life despite the odds is always a moving experience for the homeowners and one they can be as involved in as much as they choose.

Ezy homes are available as a DIY kit home or can be erected or constructed to any stage of completion required by a trusted network of builders Australia-wide. “Many of our owner/builder clients buy a frame kit and have it erected for them and then complete the home themselves,” Greg comments. “There are substantial cost savings that can be made by doing some of the work as an owner builder.”

The results are nothing less than remarkable regardless of the process of execution chosen by the homeowner as each and every Ezy Homes project benefits from the company’s ability to apply building techniques used for commercial constructions to its residential homes. What is created is open-plan houses that not only overcome their difficult sites but make them an asset that stands them apart. Every project is a challenge and that’s just the way Ezy Homes likes it.

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