Design Trend: Fashionable Fusion


Be Unique. Be a trendsetter.

Fashionable Fusion is all about individuality, using asymmetrical patterns and mixing and matching various styles, textures and profiles together to create your own fashionable unique signature and winning design.

The simplest way to show off your design prowess and to give your project some non-symmetrical interest and layers are by incorporating Weathertex’s newest innovative Weathergroove Fusion architectural panel into your design. Weathergroove Fusion combines numerous groove spacings from their most popular profiles to create a unique un-uniformed look that is still perfectly visually balanced.

Where the repetition of symmetrical arrangements has a tendency to feel monotonous over time, Fashionable Fusion keeps us on our toes. Another way to create this geometrically flawless display of design is by mixing and matching Weathertex’s wide range of profiles together.

All primed products and natural ranges have a consistent 9-5mm thickness with matching accessories, making it easier to achieve interest and definition in your design.

Create a fuss-free fusion elegance on your next project by using Australian made and owned Weathertex products.

A Trendsetter’s Dream

The new Weathergroove Fusion is a unique design that will set the trend in 2022. To be a trendsetter you must make bold choices and Fusion is the perfect choice for your next dream project.

Designing a home for life

Mixing and matching different cladding profiles can bring a design to life and create something original. It’s a simple way to transform a home design without breaking the bank. The finish for a new house should be designed at the same time as the layout and form of the building – never added as an afterthought.

Weathertex Fusion

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