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When embarking on a knockdown-rebuild project, one of the first steps is to engage a reputable demolition company

Before your knockdown-rebuild project can begin, the old house and any on-site structures need to be removed. This is an essential first step on your path to building your dream home but it’s one that can present a raft of safety issues and throw up unexpected problems. That’s why it has to be done right, not just on time and on budget — and that’s why it should be left to the professionals.

Getting a quote on demolition services

The first thing to do is obtain a quote. “So what will a demo company look at when formulating a quote? A wide range of things actually,” explains Janette Daoud, manager of Gabrael House Demolition Sydney. “We look at how large the site is, how many trees and shrubs there are, whether there is a garage, deck or shed, and if there is fencing that has to come down, too. We also have to factor in the disconnection of services, site accessibility, whether any of the materials are recyclable and whether the site has asbestos.”

It makes sense to get two or three quotes but deciding which to choose is not always easy — and it definitely isn’t a matter of automatically opting for the lowest. Says Janette, “It can be confusing for clients but it’s essential they go for the quote from the company that puts safety, procedure and client satisfaction first.

“Clients must look at the quality of work provided by the demolisher, ensure that all certificates are provided and all regulations are being adhered to, especially when it revolves around the disposal of asbestos. And they should make sure the quote they choose includes all the demolition work they expect to be carried out.”

The demolition process

Gabrael House Demolition Sydney offers clients a complete demolition service. “This means the home site is levelled, compacted and ready to hand over to the builder. This includes clearance and completion certificates as well as asbestos receipts,” explains owner Zac Gabrael. During a typical demolition, the company would remove, in addition to the old house, concrete slabs, fencing, brick work and footpaths — and that’s just for starters.

As with any construction related work, the unexpected can occur which will add to the cost and time taken — and if the old house has asbestos, that will add to the cost, too. “Asbestos can be a problem and is found in many homes, so asbestos removal and remediation work is something we do a lot of,” says Zac. “Gabrael Demolition takes all safety and legally required precautions to ensure all asbestos is removed and deposited properly.”

Because safety is so important, before hiring a demolition company you must ensure it holds all the appropriated licences, is fully insured and has a solid reputation for putting safety first.

Timing it right

So how does the timing work? How soon before construction of the new home is scheduled to begin should the demolition be completed and does the demo company coordinate with the builder or client?
“Many of our clients have us liaise with both themselves and the home builder. As to the timing, it differs when people choose to have their demolition completed. That said, most have it done well before construction of the new home is due to start but some leave it to the week before,” says Janette.

“While timing is up to the client, as an experienced demolition company we have worked closely with many home builders over the years so have a keen understanding of the timelines involved in the construction process and the importance of correctly scheduling and completing the demolition works.”

Site preparation

In addition to its demolition work, the company offers a wide range of site preparation services and is capable of completing the most challenging projects, small or large. “This, combined with our impressive work ethic and dedication to exceeding client expectations, makes Gabrael House Demolition Sydney the preferred site preparation providers in Sydney,” says Zac.

“Since we set up business in 1995 we have amassed a great deal of experience in all aspects of site preparation, from the preparation of individual home building sites to the clearing of new subdivisions and industrial bulk earthworks,” he continues. “We’re one of the most reputable site preparation companies in Sydney and this is because we have a team of experts who carefully manage each job from start to finish, ensuring the entire project runs smoothly and in a timely fashion. We understand better than anyone how stressful a site preparation project can be, so why not leave all the hard work to us?”

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