Imagine Kit Homes introduces the Portofino


A raised ceiling to the central living area creates an effect of space and light.

The Portofino is the ultimate and affordable family home, designed by the team at Imagine Kit Homes.  Imagine Kit Homes is a group of construction professionals who have joined together with a new range of homes which focus on being able to withstand whatever nature can throw at them. With houses that have been beefed up structurally you would expect that the finished price would exceed that of a standard project built house. Not so with Imagine Kit Homes! The key to the money saving aspects of building with us is that by the owner building, considerable savings can be made simply by eliminating the builders margin.

By following a set sequence of construction procedures, the client is guided by Imagine Kit Homes throughout the building process. By getting involved and doing as much as possible themselves and using their friends and family, the owner builder can save a considerable amount of money. At the same time, the owner has the flexibility to adapt the home to suit their needs without unnecessary variation cost normally associated with project built houses.

The Portofino is a home designed for rear aspect living, overlooking rural, water or golf course vistas. The entry is through a secure courtyard, with a long view through the house and beyond. A raised ceiling to the central living area creates an effect of space and light. This home does indeed offer something for everyone!

Kit Details

Total Encl. Area – 290.15m2
Total Area – 314.25m2
House length – 21.73m
House width – 18.99m
Min. block width – 29.98m

Want to make a few changes? You have the option to customise this kit home design to suit your personal needs. Contact Imagine Kit Homes with your selected custom options and the team will send you a quote.

If you have any questions you can email or call Imagine Kit Homes on +61 738 065 100


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