O’Shea & Sons Builders: Celebrating Personalised Living Spaces in the Polytec Design Awards 2023


O’Shea & Sons Builders, a renowned name in the construction industry, has consistently delivered exceptional projects that redefine the concept of modern living.

Their innovative designs, attention to detail, and commitment to superior craftsmanship have made them stand out in the industry. With their participation in the Polytec Design Awards 2023, O’Shea & Sons Builders presents several noteworthy projects that deserve recognition for their outstanding contributions to the world of interior design and construction.

  • Dalrymple Project: The Dalrymple family friendly home is a testament to O’Shea & Sons Builders’ ability to maximize city views while harmoniously blending with the surrounding environment. This project offers a delightful experience, ensuring sustainable living for the family. With carefully selected Polytec finishes and showcased cabinetry in every room, this home surpasses expectations, delivering both aesthetic appeal and functional design.
  • Clayfield California Farmhouse: O’Shea & Sons Builders’ Clayfield project showcases their commitment to going beyond conventional designs. By transforming a suburb of early settler cottages into a California Farmhouse-inspired dwelling, they have successfully merged rustic vibes with elegance suited for city life. The meticulous joinery throughout the property elevates the farmhouse aesthetic, adding a touch of sophistication and uniqueness.
  • Tarra Amulree Project: The Tarra Amulree Project is a collaborative masterpiece that brings together architectural, interior design, and construction expertise. This project blends modern Cape Cod design with a playful twist of farmhouse vibes and glamour. O’Shea & Sons Builders’ superior craftsmanship shines through every element, with opulent cabinetry, brass hardware, and feature lighting creating an ambiance that accentuates the product and details.
  • Beatrice Development: The Beatrice Development project demonstrates O’Shea & Sons Builders’ ability to seamlessly integrate the old and new, transforming an existing cottage into a 3-unit complex. In the trendy Hawthorn area, this project reflects glamour, functionality, and vastness, making it an appealing choice for potential buyers seeking their forever homes. The use of white with elements of timber enhances the visual appeal and creates a timeless aesthetic.
  • Aspen Pavo: Aspen Pavo represents a new level of property developer homes in Camp Hill, showcasing the collaborative efforts of O’Shea & Sons Builders, designers, cabinetmakers, and property developers. The exposed beams with Polytec finishes and the 3-meter ceilings in the kitchen living area create a striking visual impact. The showcased cabinetry highlights the attention to detail and the passion shared by the entire team involved in the project.
  • Wanda in Project: Homeowners of “Wanda In” had been saving for their forever home. They desired a home that would be a source of happiness, celebrate life and a place where they could gather with their son and friends. What they truly loved was ‘football’. So much of their life was designated to playing, coaching and watching their favorite teams. Their mudroom and laundry had to be functional, funky and be representative of their loveable teams.

O’Shea & Sons Builders has consistently pushed the boundaries of design and construction, delivering exceptional projects that redefine modern living spaces. Their participation in the Polytec Design Awards 2023 highlights their commitment to excellence and innovation. By voting for their projects, you will support their continued success and recognition among the best in Australia’s interior design industry.

O’Shea & Sons Builders’ remarkable projects deserve the spotlight, and the Polytec Design Awards is the perfect platform to acknowledge the exceptional contributions by Nick and the team of designers, trades and product suppliers.

To vote in the Polytec Design Awards 2023 visit: https://www.polytecdesignawards.com.au/

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