The Pearl: a flexible and simple way to build


We discovered Manor Homes when we were researching all possible build options available to us within our area and budget.

We wanted a small to medium four bedroom home with high ceilings and large windows that would allow us to view the escarpment from our main living area. We actually hadn’t intended to build, but we found this perfect block of land.

We had heard stories about other builders and time blow-outs, not to mention the so-called variation costs that were completely unexpected. However, it was evident from the outset that building with Manor Homes would put our minds at rest. The factory build wouldn’t be impacted by weather, and the fixed price quote meant we could rest assured there were no extras.

Right from the start, we were happy with how the building plan came together. We selected a simple country style design with a neutral colour palette. It amazed me how much time one could spend deliberating over selections; however, Manor provided ample choice without overwhelming us. Any customisation requests were followed up promptly.

“We felt very comfortable when signing our contract due to the fixed price. We trusted Manor to do a good job.”

The speed of the build was another important benefit to us. After waiting for our land, with a delayed settlement extending to over two years, quite naturally, we were very eager to get out here as soon as possible. The build time was remarkable, and we were kept up to date with the process. Manor Homes made the whole experience so special and stress-free for us. They were easy to communicate with. Everyone on the team was on the same page and very responsive.

Our main living space with high ceilings, large windows and French doors is definitely our favourite part of the home. We love its beauty and simplicity. I must admit we were surprised, as we never imagined it looking quite so lovely. It’s a very functional home too. Everything is where it needs to be for a busy family, and it is certainly the nicest place I’ve ever washed the dishes!

We also love how our home sits in harmony with its surrounding environment. We chose the external roof and cladding colours to match the trees it would be amongst: Eucalyptus eugenioides (Thin-leaved Stringybark) and Eucalyptus mannifera (Brittle Gum).

We would highly recommend Manor Homes to family and friends and we thank Manor for helping us make our dream of living in a beautiful place a reality.

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