How to build a fast low-maintenance secondary dwelling


This modular home makes for a low-maintenance secondary dwelling that can be built in minimal time

My wife and I were visiting a local produce store when we saw a recently built new home. Straight away, we knew we’d found a builder worth talking to.

Having owned acreage for the last 35 years, but needing to downsize, we hoped to still enjoy a country environment. Our daughter and son-in-law have a wonderful rural home, and we were so pleased when they invited us to build a secondary dwelling on their land. Our dream was to build a cosy, secure and independent separate home where we could retreat to, while still being close to family.

Over the years, we had heard tales of shonky builders and we were wary not to get caught out. Fortunately, we had seen first-hand that Manor Homes’ build quality was excellent, and the fixed price gave us extra reassurance.

Council approval was a concern to us. I’ve never heard anyone say it was a straightforward process, particularly with dual occupancy, but thanks to Manor Homes, it was actually very easy. Our son-in-law was quick and responsive with the land details that council required so that helped us too.

“Once construction was under way, our daughter’s family were so happy with the minimal time spent on site to complete the build. They have a busy life and run a business from home, so the few weeks completing this home on site was a dream compared to what could have been a disruptive building site for 6-12 months.”

Manor Homes had different colour schemes to choose from, and we love our colour and tile finishes. There are so many lovely features in the home, but highlights are the outdoor entertaining area, wide hardwood decking, engineered timber flooring and accessible features such as the large easy-access shower and ramps from the carport into the home.

Low maintenance living was important to us. I haven’t had to do a thing since moving in, and I’m satisfied that our new home will be very easy to maintain in the future. I’m looking forward to the future and have already recommended Manor Homes to friends who may be looking to downsize.

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