Now is the time. Why are Australians shifting to the Country?

Big cities with their busy streets and lively social scenes were once a place where Australians dreamed of living. Lately though, with COVID-19 causing us all to reassess what is important to us, many people are seeking the simpler life, away from the city chaos. The soaring home-ownership costs, time-wasting traffic and health concerns that come with city life; all combine to make a tree-change or sea-change look incredibly attractive. Calm open spaces, close-knit communities, and plenty of fresh air are all among the benefits that so many regional areas offer. And why not, when working from home is now the ‘new normal’?

Time and time again, we see studies suggesting that trading the fast pace of city living, for a regional abode, benefits your health in a number of ways. If you’re looking to make the move to your new lifestyle, consider building modular and investing in a Manor home.

Recently Sydney University published a study in the Journal on Ageing concluding that the country lifestyle is most likely better for your health. The combination of noise pollution from aircraft, rail and vehicles; high density housing; a lack of natural space, coupled with inadequate transport and infrastructure design, were found to be detrimental to city dwellers. Life in regional NSW, on the other hand, results in easy access to cheaper, fresh local produce; more affordable and lower density housing; access to wide open spaces; a stronger sense of community; and an overall slower pace of life.

The cleaner and more spacious environment of the country naturally translates to better physical health. Our mental wellbeing often benefits from the less stressful, more affordable lifestyle and the laidback, nurturing communities. Furthermore, with modern technology, we all can effectively work from home. Whether it be meetings or the daily work routine, there is very little that can’t be accomplished from a well setup home office. It means you can enjoy more quality time with family rather than enduring the daily onslaught of peak hour traffic. Imagine finishing each day in a home that is built for this lifestyle. A home that can accommodate a growing family, takes in the views of a spacious backyard, the natural skyline and maybe even some coastline. A home in which you know if you open the windows, you will be letting in sunlight and fresh air.

Manor’s premium modular homes are the perfect choice for your dream country or coastal lifestyle. The homes are factory-built resulting in a fast and on-time build schedule, higher quality and accuracy, less waste, and more cost certainty; and can be completely customised to suit your lifestyle and property. With Manor’s ‘contactless’ build process, there is no better time to achieve your new lifestyle. Manor will handle everything from council approval to floorcoverings, all the while ensuring you have the best building advice to hand. So, get in touch with the friendly team at Manor and experience their help to achieve your lifestyle vision.

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