A pleasant view for all: revisiting a past home project

A pleasant view for all: revisiting a past home project
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This builder returned to a past home project to redevelop it for new owners, and got to fall in love with this house all over again

This beautiful home was designed and built for the original owners as a dream home, when they returned to Mount Martha to enjoy their retirement after living overseas for many years. Sadly, due to illness, this was never to be.

“This was very sad for us all at Graeme Alexander Homes as they put so much of themselves into this project,” says Graeme Alexander, who built the home. “However, we are all but caretakers for beautiful homes and it was sold onto the current owners who immediately loved the pleasant view and the home’s design lines.”

Originally, the current owners asked Graeme Alexander Homes to adjust Graeme’s past home project to suit their needs. “I suggested they live with the home for a while as there was considerable thought put into it,” says Graeme. As it turned out, there was very little to adjust as they fell in love with it as is, even the interesting dining booth and the large double sinks. Graeme simply added a pool and deck, finished the home cinema and study and adjusted the garden to suit their needs. The home was then redecorated to fit their personality.

“These recent photos are really satisfying as this home can now have its story completed and will be enjoyed for years to come,” says Graeme. “If you get the fundamentals of design right and keep it simple, a home can be enjoyed by many.”

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