Redefining quality: sustainable homes


Sustainability is providing us with shiny new green (LED) lights on how to redefine quality

Quality is used widely thrown around in the housing industry but what does it really mean? For how long does something stay quality? What makes a home quality? What is quality design?
Sustainability is providing us with shiny new green (LED) lights on how to redefine quality.

Let’s break it down and redefine:

Quality Home Owners understand the importance and benefits of making their homes as efficient and sustainable as possible and seek out quality industry professionals who can help them achieve this.

Quality Architects and Building Designers deeply integrate passive design into all projects using in depth thermal modelling, specifies sustainable systems, materials and products, budgets accordingly, and ensures that there is no swapping out of materials carried out by the builder.

Quality Builders understand passive design principles, is educated about innovative building systems, and sees the importance of integrating materials and products that have minimal impact on our environment and are healthy for their clients and the manufacturers of the products.

Quality Manufacturers develop innovative products that maximise the performance of homes, minimise waste, respect the health and well-being of end users, their employees and our environment.
The end result of all of the above working together are quality homes that are highly efficient and healthy.

It’s up to you to choose Quality and be Quality!

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