Three Reasons Smith & Sons are the Right Builders for Your Home Renovation Project


Renovating your home requires that a team of builders and tradespeople are on site in your home day-in and day-out for what may be a period of weeks or months.

It’s important to entrust your most valuable asset and the comfort and safety of your family to a team of professionals with experience in a project just like yours.

We’re Specialists

Smith & Sons are renovation specialists—it’s what we do. As such, we have a tried and tested process of working with homeowners from the concept stage of a renovation right through to handing over a stunning finished project.

  •  We Are Experienced Home Renovators

Home builders often build a selection of houses that their company offers, and end up streamlining the building process for these core home designs. The materials, trades and scheduling are all set ahead of time to maximise efficiency—these builders know their job and they do it well. Renovating an existing property presents a plethora of challenges that a new-home build does not. The style of a home; the construction materials of the existing structure; the scope of the works; the block size, slope and accessibility; the demolition of some elements and the preservation of others; the safety and convenience of the occupants; all of these things combine into a unique renovation project each and every time, and therefore, require a flexible, experienced approach.

As builders who create renovations and extensions, the Smith & Sons teams have experience with all of these elements as well as the unanticipated issues which a renovation project typically encounters along the way. We know our job, and we do it well.

  • We Have a Dedicated Renovation Process

Our three-step renovation process, Design-Plan-Construct, ensures that the final outcome is everything the homeowner desired and the journey to get there was as easy as possible. Just as new home builders are able to streamline the building of their core houses, Smith & Sons utilises our DPC process to streamline the entire renovation project and maximise our clients’ investment. The first of these steps entails you telling us exactly what you hope for and us doing our best to make it happen, but it’s in the planning stage that our expertise comes to the fore.

  • We Get the Planning Right, From the Beginning

Having a concrete building strategy and all details in place before we break ground is an essential part of a renovation process. Homeowners need to know exactly what the project will entail, include, and cost well before commencement. We’ve all heard the horror stories—builders asking for more money for something a client thought was included. Smith & Sons don’t work that way.

As the homeowner, you will know exactly what to expect and the line of communication will be clear as we progress. A detailed strategy saves time and money because once things have commenced, it is more difficult to make a change. We’re not saying you can’t decide to add a powder room six weeks into the project—we’re saying that the best time to consider that powder room is before the plumbing is completed. Be open about what you want from the outset so that we can put your budget to work in the best way possible.

We Work For You

Our job is to deliver you and your family a beautiful, high-quality renovation that will positively impact your lifestyle. We understand that renovating your home is a large investment, not only financially, but also in terms of time and the disruption to your life. Everything you invest in the renovation should be put to use in the most efficient way possible.

Right Builders for Your Home

  • We Talk Openly and Honestly About Your Budget

Some homeowners approach the early stages of their renovation by avoiding committing to a budget in fear of their builder just sucking up their funds without delivering on the finished product. This is rarely a reality—professional, ethical builders don’t maintain their reputations by leaving dissatisfied clients in their wake.

An open conversation about budget and what you want to achieve from the renovation is the first step in the process. Once we have all the facts, our designers and builders can use their experience to maximise your budget for the best possible result. We will work with you, presenting ideas and alternatives that you may want to consider (and perhaps didn’t know were possible) so that the money you invest works best for you.

  • We Ensure You Don’t Overspend on Plans

When you’re new to the concept of renovating, knowing where to start can be the first hurdle. Many would-be-renovators begin by engaging a designer or architect to draw up plans that include all their hopes and dreams. The preparation of these drawings can be extremely costly. Worse, in many cases, once they talk to a builder these homeowners find that the pie-in-the-sky plans turn out to be completely unachievable within their budget. Fortunately, this heartbreaking, expensive pursuit is unnecessary. The first stop in the renovation journey should be a specialist renovation builder.

  • We Understand the True Costs of Renovation

Talking openly with your renovation builder about your budget means that plans can be developed with your budget in mind (including the costs of demolition). Working with your builder and investing in a relatively low-cost initial process can save you spending thousands of dollars on plans that won’t ever be built. Designers and architects are an important part of many home renovations but they need to be engaged at the right time and be presented with a clear set of ideas and constraints to work to.

  • We Work to Your Expectations and Your Budget

The design stage of the Smith & Sons process generates a plan which incorporates your ideas for the renovation and tweaks them to remain within your budget. By the end of it you will have a concise outline of costs to present to your lender if necessary and will be crystal clear on exactly what you’ll get for your money and within what timeframe.

The planning phase is just as important in terms of working to a budget. Comprehensive preparation is the best way to prevent unexpected expense once the build begins. If everyone is on the same page at the outset, the end result will be just what you hoped for.

We Make Dreams a Reality

Once we’ve packed up the tools and loaded the utes, you should be left alone in your beautiful new home with a deep sense of satisfaction and joy. Our aim is for each and every one of our clients to feel that the dream they had for their new home and lifestyle has been realised and that the whole journey was more than worth it. That’s what you’re here for, and it’s what we’re here for, too.

We Work For You

  • We Have the Expertise

One of the advantages of being part of a group like Smith & Sons is the broad range of experience and expertise our builders have and the opportunity they have to share it on a daily basis. With more than 15,000 renovations under our tool belts we’ve encountered a diverse range of design specifications, technical strategies, and client requests. With each new project comes a unique set of challenges because renovations are as unique as the homeowners themselves. If one of our builders comes across an issue they’ve never encountered before, they have the experience of the whole group to fall back on and ensure a solution.

At Smith & Sons we won’t tell you your dreams are too hard, or not worth the trouble, we’ll find a way to make them happen.

  • We Are Dedicated Home Renovation Builders

Renovating your home can be a daunting endeavour. Because we specialise in renovations, and do it every day, we know how you’re feeling—much the same as most of our clients feel at the outset. Our proven Design-Plan-Construct process is designed to eliminate the unnecessary worry and stress so that you can get on with life while we get on with the job.

A large part of the satisfaction we achieve for our clients is the feeling that the process went smoothly, that despite how far they’ve come and the work they put in, the journey was worth it. We want that for you, too.

  • We Strive for Excellence

Our teams love to renovate. They enjoy the process a renovation entails and the special kind of satisfaction a stunning result can bring. The homeowners who entrust us with their dream home or financial security deserve to receive all that they hoped for and it’s a responsibility we take seriously. Our project gallery and testimonials detail just some of the projects that have had a life-changing effect on our clients and there are many more to come.

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