Unique pre-built walls: an innovative approach


Developed by Casafico, Polystat prefabricated walls are unique pre-built walls: combining the frame and insulation, with cavities for services and a finished coat, ready for a quicker installation on-site

Casafico builds homes. The company create innovative building products that allow you to construct quickly with a reduced environmental impact. Developed by Casafico, Polystat prefabricated walls are an all-in-one product – combining the frame and insulation with cavities for services and a finished coat.

Polystat is made from waste materials including newspaper, carpet, polystyrene and glass. These materials are saved from landfill. They are then transformed into composite walls, ready for on-site building and strong enough to be used as load-bearing walls.

The result is a pre-built, user-friendly, lightweight wall with good thermal and fire-rating properties. The polystyrene core’s thermal efficiency provides great insulation, saving energy to heat and cool the building. Also, the recycled materials forming the coatings and panelling account for the fire-rating requirements.

Conscious of the impact the manufacturing, building and construction industries have on people and the planet, Casafico is also partnering with industry and academia to foster greater awareness and take-up of the need and opportunity to develop more sustainable construction solutions.

Features and benefits:

  • Lightweight
  • Built-in steel frame
  • Insulated
  • Clear cavity access for services
  • Fire-rated
  • Pre-coated or pre-finished
  • Coharo premium “green” coatings — designer solutions for any level of finish
  • One installation team
  • Made to measure, no waste on-site
  • Reduces time, money and environmental impact
  • Australian owned and made, patented building concept

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