The most stylish kitchen addition of 2018

As the heart of the home, your kitchen is one area that you really want to shine. It is also an area that, when properly renovated, can significantly add to the value of your home

With this in mind, what does the ideal kitchen need – and what is the most stylish kitchen addition of 2018?

The most stylish kitchen addition of 2018

An island bench

An island bench is a fantastic and stylish kitchen addition for a number of reasons. It’s practical with added bench space, it allows for additional storage in cupboards underneath, it can double as a breakfast bar with high stools and it can create a communal feel and is easy for entertaining! Imagine you have friends and family over for a dinner party. Your guests are in your dining room, enjoying a glass of pre-dinner wine and you’re busy preparing in the kitchen. With an island bench, your guests call mingle around the kitchen without getting in the way. They can also sit on high bar stools at your island bench, enjoying their wine and nibbles, making your kitchen an entertaining destination, rather than just a practical space.

An island bench with high bar stools is also the perfect location for kids to complete their homework while mum and dad prepare dinner and make sure the homework is actually being completed. It’s also an easy spot to enjoy breakfast or afternoon snacks.

So, how do you achieve an island bench in your existing kitchen without disrupting the whole space? To install an island bench in your kitchen with minimal disruption and without the need to move your plumbing, consider using a product from Saniflo Australia. As the French inventor of the macerator pump, Saniflo provide macerator and grey water pumps to help home (and business) owners achieve their dream wet areas anywhere and without major disruptions.

For an island bench addition, Saniflo’s Sanivite is ideal. The Sanivite is a slim grey water pump that fits easily inside a small cupboard, making it a discreet solution to achieving your island bench. It can also be connected to a dishwasher making it simple to achieve a stylish and functional kitchen space with all your desired amenities. Measuring at only 373 x 275 x 185mm, the installation of Sanivite in an under the sink cupboard allows for plenty of surrounding storage space.

The most stylish kitchen addition of 2018

With an island bench, you have added benchtop space. As well as having the space to entertain, you can prepare your meals with ease and even create dishes like homemade pasta from scratch!

For more information about how Saniflo can help you achieve your dream kitchen, bathroom and laundry renovations, get in touch.

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