5 inspiring garden projects
5 inspiring garden projects
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It’s a time to grow, to stretch your wings, be bold and embrace the new. Put some spring in your step with these 5 inspiring garden projects

1. Pretty pastels

5 inspiring garden projects

Nothing says spring more than pretty pastel shades in soft pinks and minty greens. There are shimmering crystal glasses catching the warm spring sunshine to be filled with bubbling pink lemonade, delicious delicate pastries and treats laid out on a soft linen tablecloth to be nibbled and enjoyed. This spring, the picnic is under a leafy tree adorned with sculpted bunting. The table is decorated with cut-glass vases and bottles with a selection of spring blooms to celebrate the season. Why not have your next springtime get together under the shade of a tree, surrounded by pretty pastel things, yummy sweet treats, a beautiful view and maybe even a glass of sparkling ­— or two.

2. Chicken dance

5 inspiring garden projects

If you’ve ever thought about keeping chickens before, spring is the perfect time to start. Not only will you have fresh eggs at your fingertips but the humble chook can also be a great pet. Did you know there are certain things that chickens require in order to lay eggs regularly? They may seem simple, but the humble hen is quite particular about her nesting area and perches and is also sensitive to climate and stress. At Backyard Chicken Coups, they have a range of coups to cater for chickens of all shapes and sizes. The Penthouse chicken coup will have the neighbouring chickens clucking with envy! With its modern design and neutral colour scheme, it looks great in many backyard settings as well. backyardchickencoops.com.au

3. Follow the flowers

5 inspiring garden projects projects

Spring flowers planted either side of a pathway form a stunning garden vista that is as pretty as a picture. Planting flowers along pathways defines the flow of the pathway, can add colour and fragrance, and creates an inviting journey that appeals to the senses. Choose flowers that are soft and flowing and not too leggy. Avoid those that have thorns or spikes, and also flower species that clump — they could encroach on the pathway. As the weather warms up, water the flowers along the pathway regularly to keep them looking beautiful.

4. Rustic finds

5 inspiring garden projects

It can be surprising what a garden lover can find tucked away in the back of the shed, on the side of the road or even discovered at a recycling centre. These can be treasure troves for those who enjoy finding forgotten gems and making them their own. This rustic paling fence is a feature; the well-worn timber tells a tale of days gone by. Rustic farm implements, including an old handsaw, sheers, a shovel and even an old pot are fixed to the timber fence. In front, a barrow full of blooms brings fresh spring colour, the bright tones juxtaposing with the rustic farm implements to create a clever and unusual contrast. The rustic aesthetic is certainly all the rage in recent years, so why not get upcycling today?

5. Spring reflections

5 inspiring garden projects

Taking it outside on warm spring days means finding somewhere inviting to soak up those rays. A stylish bistro seat positioned in a corner of the garden is a great spot to relax and enjoy the tranquillity. On the wall behind, a large flowered mirror makes a delightful statement piece, positioned perfectly to reflect the greenery. A garden mirror creates the illusion of more space and adds depth to an area. Mirrors are a great way to accessorise the garden, either as wall art or in a secluded part of the garden surrounded by greenery. An outdoor rug provides contrast and anchors the furniture to the space, completing the look. This look is both modern and classic at the same time. miafleur.com

Originally in Backyard Volume 15 Issue 3

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