This award-winning landscape is perfect for a classic Queenslander Home

This award-winning landscape is perfect for a classic Queenslander Home


The perfect complement to a classic Queenslander home, this award-winning landscape is truly breathtaking

Although of generous size, the sloping inner-city block in the Queensland suburb of Red Hill wasn’t being used to best advantage. The owners, Ian and Charmaine, sought a usable, multifunctional garden that would complement the Hamptons aesthetic of the classic Queenslander home.
As is the case with many of the most successful gardens, the design of this spectacular multi-level project was a collaboration, with input from Paul Stein of Seed Landscape Design, David Hatherly of Vee Design, Tim Stafford of Scapex Landscapes and the owners, who were heavily involved and made significant contributions to the design process.

Construction of the project was placed in the safe and exeprienced hands of Tim and the Scapex Landscapes team, with the judges of the 2020 Landscape Queensland Construction Excellence Awards being so impressed by the outcome, they named it Queensland Residential Construction of the Year and winner of the Residential $250,000 Plus category.

The success of the garden can be attributed to Tim’s design flair and his team’s expertise and eye for detail. “The project was constructed by our in-house team of landscape professionals, which comprises trained horticulturalists whose plant knowledge is second to none and qualified builders whose capabilities include concreting, tiling and paving, stonework, carpentry and formwork,” says Tim.

“The brief from the owners was multi-faceted,” he continues. “They wanted to create a collection of beautful outdoor spaces throughout the property to maximise the usable area. Privacy from neighbours was vital as was creating an instant garden effect, so using mature tree stock was a must. They prioritised the use of natural products and while the gardens needed to be stunning, they needed to be functional and productive, too. They also asked for herbs and fruit trees. In particular, they wanted to have lemons and limes at hand for a Corona or G&T.”
The backyard is a relaxed family garden with an eclectic plant palette reflecting a stylised cottage theme. The front garden has a more formal feel to it and features the repetition of a simple yet elegant plant palette.

“The timber arbour above the main entry was designed to provide a sense of scale and arrival. To dress the structure, we placed a large urn-style pot on either side of the front gate. These earthy pots add balance and a touch of elegance,” says Tim.
“In the rear garden there are play areas where the kids can enjoy a game of cricket or rugby, areas for relaxed entertaining by the pool as well as a more secluded space where the owners can enjoy a glass of wine under a poinciana.”

A wide array of plants were used. Mature trees were employed for immediate impact and privacy screening; foliage plants were selected to provide contrast and visual appeal. To maintain a subtle elegance in the floral displays, the palette predominantly focusses on white and pale pink flowers.

Equal care was given to the selection of hardscaping materials, which includes the stone cladding used for the blockwork in both front and back gardens, the individually hand-laid cobblestones (over 8000 pieces), and the spotted gum decking.

The result is a harmonious landscape that complements the Queenslander home and has that highly sought-after Hamptons vibe.

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