Composite Decking

Composite Decking – The Eco Friendly and Highly Resistant Option


If you want sustainability as well as sophistication, choose composite decking for your outdoor project.

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When it comes to modern deck design, more and more homeowners are thinking outside the box. Regardless of the size of the garden — or budget — Aussies no longer feel confined to a basic square or rectangular deck. Contractors and remodelers are reporting increased interest in decks with multiple levels, accent walls, curves and add-ons like railings and lighting. A great deck can add valuable space to a home but materials matter, especially if you want to spend more time enjoying your deck than maintaining it. Designed to deliver premium durability, easy maintenance and lasting beauty, Trex® composite decking outperforms traditional timber as well as other outdoor surface materials.

Trex decking

Unlike timber, Trex® composite decking resists fading, staining, scratching and mould — and it won’t rot, warp, crack or splinter. No sanding, oiling or painting is required — ever — and food and drink spills wash off easily with just soap and water.

Featuring high-definition grain patterns and rich, saturated colours, Trex® decking finishes are nearly indistinguishable from timber textures. Available in a wide variety of colour options, composite boards range from deep earth tones to spicy reds and pristine greys; the collection also includes tropically-inspired boards that feature the distinct streaked look of exotic hardwoods.

No matter what colour decking you choose, a Trex® deck is always “green.” Made from a proprietary blend of 95-per-cent recycled plastic film and reclaimed timber, Trex® composite decking is an eco-friendly choice Aussies can feel good about. Each year, the company saves more than 400 kilos of polyethylene plastic and wood waste from winding up in landfills.
With the heightened focus on creating outdoor rooms and building up as well as out, railing is finally getting the attention it deserves as homeowners recognise its role as not only the functional frame of their space but also one of the most visually prominent design elements. Available in a wide array of styles, shapes and materials, railing makes a style statement while adding support and enhancing safety.

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Equal parts form and function, Trex Signature® aluminum railing delivers the durability and low-maintenance benefits that homeowners seek with a modern, minimalist aesthetic. With its straightforward, unobtrusive design, the railing spans long lengths for panoramic sightlines. Available in two neutral colours — Charcoal Black and Classic White — Trex Signature® delivers sleekness with several options to customise the look, such as lighting and curved handrails.

Lighting is another “bright” idea for adding versatility to an outdoor space, and is one of the most requested add-ons reported by deck builders. Not only can lighting extend the enjoyment and functionality of an outdoor living space, the range of options available for today’s decks and backyards allows homeowners to create a perfectly curated ambience and then adjust it to suit any setting or gathering.

For subtle sophistication, Trex® Deck Lighting™ can be installed on a new or existing deck, integrated into the deck boards and stairs, as well as railing posts and caps. The plug-and-play components are DIY-friendly and the fixtures are energy efficient, dimmable and cool to the touch, making them safe for children and pets.

If you’re planning a new deck or looking to upgrade an existing one, for the best possible result, consider Trex® composite decking and other outdoor living products.

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This article was originally featured in Outdoor Design #42