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When furnishing an outdoor living space, comfort may be king but quality and versatility is just as important. Complete your home with versatile outdoor furniture.

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Lunch on the deck, dinner under the stars, lounging by the pool … having a well-furnished, beautifully decorated outdoor living space makes each of these scenarios so much more appealing, and it provides an additional “room” you can use when entertaining. As with most things in life, buying the best quality you can afford is always a good idea. With versatile outdoor furniture, buying quality is about comfort and style; and it’s about choosing something that is strong, durable and easy to maintain.

Schots Home Emporium has developed a stellar reputation for its outdoor furniture collections. For a modern or industrial look, the range of concrete furniture — benches, coffee tables, dining tables, stools … even a sofa — is truly diverse. For those who prefer the warmth of timber or perhaps a more traditional look, Schots’ teak collections offer everything you need to furnish your outdoor space, including reclaimed teak benches you can place under a tree or on a patio.
“We are committed to providing both choice and quality. Whether you have a large or small family to accommodate, a bijou balcony or a big backyard, we have you covered,” says Neville Schot, founder of Schots Home Emporium.

“As an example, we offer a range of outdoor tables from small four-seaters to large 12-seaters, and we have small designs that can be folded away when not in use — these are perfect for smaller balconies or patios. We also have larger extendable dining tables as well as grand reclaimed timber tables with slated timber tops.”

New teak collection

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Teak furniture is the perfect way to bring elegance to your backyard or balcony. “Not only does it provide an elevated aesthetic to your outdoor space, but as it’s built to withstand the elements you can enjoy it all year round. And now, with our new line of teak furniture, you can give your outdoor space the upgrade it deserves,” says Neville.

“Check out our new folding tables and chairs. These are perfect for smaller spaces and can be stored away when not in use. In addition, the new Landis outdoor teak sofa, with a matching ottoman and coffee table, is ideal for summer evenings spent outside by the pool, hanging out with the family, or chatting on the patio with friends.”

Buy from this collection and you’ll also be supporting Trees4Trees, a foundation focused on renewing the environment and empowering local communities through reforestation and education. So what does the new teak collection have to offer?

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Folding tables:

“Are you in need of a table but want to be able to store it away? Then, folding tables are just what you need. When not in use, they can be folded flat for easy storage. At Schots, we offer a vast collection of teak folding tables. For maximum flexibility, you can choose between round, square or rectangular options, depending on your space requirements,” says Neville.

Folding chairs:

A folding chair is a must for any household. Whether you’re hosting a barbecue or just lounging in your backyard, chairs are essential. Schots’ new teak folding chairs are incredibly comfortable and come with a choice of coloured weather-resistant, long-lasting polyester rope.

Freestanding teak chairs:

“With a durable build and a timeless, stylish design, our new collection of Danica dining chairs and bar chairs are a valuable addition to any space,” says Neville. “Their intricate woven-rope designs are not only water-resistant, they are super comfortable, too.”

Teak benches:

Benches are great when you want to have a place to sit without taking up too much space. Schots’ new Binta benches are built strong with curved slats, supporting your back and not putting pressure on your joints. The best part is that these benches are freestanding, meaning you can move them around depending on where you want to use them the most. These are available in three sizes.

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Modular teak sofa:

“Our new Landis modular teak sofa is stunning,” says Neville. “It’s made from high-quality teak with woven polyester rope, making it both comfortable and durable. The fade-resistant Olefin fabric cushions have a quick-dry foam insert incorporating air-cell technology that ensures it holds its shape for longer so it can be left outside in the elements. The sofa’s lightweight design is perfect for entertaining or relaxing with a book in the sun. It also comes with a matching ottoman and the Ambar slated teak coffee table.

“The Landis has adopted traditional joinery techniques to create this loveable set, sure to be a conversation starter in your outdoor space — and if left untouched, nature’s elements will mature the teak to a lovely silver-grey finish.”

Decor and more

Adding decor helps create just the right ambience and allows you to personalise your space. To add that all-important finishing touch, Schots offers an array of outdoor feature pieces, such as concrete pots and urns. To keep you warm and create a welcoming atmosphere, the Schots’ range of chimineas and fire pits is sure to spark your interest.

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