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A contemporary space that seamlessly transitions indoor-out

In a country famous for its outdoor lifestyle, having a seamless transition from inside to out is an essential factor for many Australian homeowners. However, for the expert team at GOODMANORS POOLS + GARDENS, this latest project had an extra layer of difficulty with issues concerning a small outdoor space and too-close-for-comfort neighbours.

“The existing site included decking and some masonry raised planters around the boundary and towards the rear,” says GOODMANORS’ Raoul van de Laak. “And it had no inviting elements or privacy from the neighbouring properties.”

Both designed and built by GOODMANORS, this free-flowing outdoor area has dealt with the issue of space so well that it doesn’t even seem a factor. Rather, a brilliant layout and expert planting create an immediate sense of relaxation upon entering this outdoor space.

The clients wanted to incorporate a pool for leisure into their small garden and redesign the space to complement the house’s architecture. “They wanted to create a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors and provide a relaxed atmosphere for outdoor entertaining,” says Raoul.

Material selection was integral to ensuring the various zones of the outdoor area felt “in harmony with each other without being overwhelming”. However, the owner’s request to make room for a pool meant some clever thinking would be needed to ensure the layout didn’t end up cluttered and claustrophobic.

The significant challenge was to incorporate a pool into the restricted size of the space without it taking up too much room. GOODMANORS didn’t want to make the space feel more restricted and divide it from the indoors.

The team succeeded with this and now a large spotted gum hardwood deck flows outside from the interior dining area, enabling you to step out onto the pool area and up to a private seating zone that overlooks the relaxing waters below. Every corner of the space has been well utilised, with sumptuous greenery and strategic planting creating a private and harmonious atmosphere.

Textural interest and contrast was created through the selection of plants, with a focus on foliage colours to complement the neutral tones of the architecture and interior while providing a lush and relaxing feel.

The muted colour of the bluestone pavers and astute use of sprayed concrete around the pool wall have combined with the rest of the colour palette to create a sense of calm. However, with neighbours able to overlook the outdoor area, the existing walls needed some tinkering to give the area an air of seclusion.

The existing rear rendered brick wall was extended and raised to be level and the side boundary brick walls were raised to address privacy issues.

Designing an outdoor space that flows from one zone to another, while maintaining privacy and adding a pool in such a small area was always going to be a challenge. This immaculate design proves that with some smart material selection and clever layout solutions, anyone can have their perfect outdoor space.


Photography by Brigid Arnott




Originally from Outdoor Rooms magazine, Volume 24

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