Creating a tropical garden


It’s spring (although if you are in Sydney today it probably wouldn’t seem like it)! To experience a tropical garden you don’t need to head off to Bali. Adding a tropical touch to your garden let’s you fully take advantage of the warmer season or if the case may be, brighten your spirits on a dreary day (like today).

Plant choice is essential to create the tropical look. Tropical naturally means bright and vibrant colours that make a statement – think bold reds, burnt oranges, warm yellows, and cool blues and greens. Hibiscus are great options as are frangipani trees, orchids and bird of paradise. Tropical foliage is also bright and bold. Ferns, palms, canna lilies and cordyline are ideal options.

However, tropical gardens will need maintenance. Tropical gardens typically thrive in warm climates that receive high rainfall. So you will need to recreate these conditions – meaning watering your plants several times a week is essential.

Water is also prominent feature in tropical gardens. Ideally this could mean a pool or water feature (no matter how small or large). The gentle sound of water trickling add a relaxing and ambient touch to the garden.

Using natural materials in the garden also adds to the tropical feel. Think furniture make from cane, timber day beds, woven hammocks, Balinese shade structures, bamboo fencing or pebbles and large stones to create borders.

Then finish it off with some decor. Garden art can create a focal point for the garden. Choose one or two key pieces in the garden such as a stone sculpture to add visual impact. Then, it’s adding accessories and some personal touches. Think colourful throw rugs, candle holders, lanterns, or cushions. And there you have it! Your own tropical oasis that you don’t even need to leave home to experience.