Growing frangipani trees


When we think of the fragrant frangipani tree chances are we immediately conjure up an image of a tropical paradise with white sandy beaches and beautiful sunny weather. However, the frangipani tree doesn’t have to be limited to something you only see in a resort or spa, depending on where you live in Australia, this tree can thrive in your own backyard.

About the frangipani tree
The frangipani tree, Plumeria rubra is native to Central America, Mexico and Venezuela. Frangipani trees are known for their vibrant colours which range from lavender, red, pink, yellow and white. Frangipani trees can be pruned so they remain small and easy to manage. However, as trees they can grow up to heights of 8 metres.

Where do they grow?
As mentioned, frangipani trees thrive in warmer areas. In Australia, they flower in warm coastal climates. In the particular they can grow well in Queensland, the north coast of Perth and Sydney. It is recommended that they receive around 5-6 hours of direct sun each day.

Don’t despair if you live in a colder climate. It is still possible to create the correct climate for your frangipani tree indoors. Ensure you take your plant indoor during the colder months to protect them from snowy and frosty weather conditions. They should be exposed to the morning sun, by perhaps placing them on a window sill or covered balcony. In the summer months, keep them in warm spots to ensure they get as much sunlight as possible.

What to be wary of
Frangipani trees in Australia have experienced a new disease in recent years known as plumeria rust in which yellow pustules appear on the underside of the leaves. The top of the leaves also become brown. This can be passed on to other plants so ensure any fallen leaves are disposed of. Spraying your frangipani tree with a copper based spray or fungicide can also help prevent this.

When growing frangipani trees it is essential to keep in mind heat, light, moisture and fertilisation. Extra TLC when it comes to your frangipani tree will ensure you reap the rewards of the beautiful flowers and their tropical scent.