D.I.Y Garden lighting


From just another garden, into a night-time wonderland of light and colour – garden lights can transform your landscape design in the blink of an eye. With post-lights, underwater and solar lighting options, there are garden lights to suit everyone’s tastes.

Garden lights offer a brilliant way to highlight your favourite plants or the unique features of your garden and are an easy way to impress your friends.

There are two main uses for garden lights, functional and aesthetic. You should ask yourself what you’re trying to achieve in your garden before deciding on what lights to put where and how many you’re going to need. If you’re trying to highlight and showcase your garden, opt for a more flamboyant spray of garden lights.

Functional garden lights are used to help you navigate your garden at night. They accent specific areas of your garden for repeated use. This can include barbeques, paths, stairs, seating areas, etc. In-ground lights or the most common post-lights are the favourites for functional use.

Aesthetic garden lighting draws attention to the key features of your garden. In an attractive and appealing way you can highlight in general a gentle lighting effect across your night-time escape.

Take note of seasonal aspects when deciding on garden lights. For example, accenting the pool in summer or creating an interesting focal point such as around deciduous tress in the garden during winter. Having the switches leading back to a panel in the house can let you play around with the lights and lets you decide what you want to become all that more stunning at night.

There are many varying types of garden lights available for purchase. The range is growing everyday. LED, Solar, and 12 volt, can go in-ground, underwater, be used as post-lights…the list goes on.

In-ground garden lights are an amazing way to accent a carefully sculpted garden path, or highlight the walk to your door. They’re also really useful when trying to navigate and trying to avoid not to fall over in the dark!

Underwater garden lights are a unique and inventive way to draw attention to your water feature. They add and create that beautiful reflective water patters and display that across your garden.

Post garden lights are the most common way to accentuate and pinpoint the main features of your garden. Place them around paths or against hedges to add that slight decorative ornamental touch.

You can choose which of LED, solar or 12 volt you would prefer. But as a general fact, solar lights tend to wear out pretty quickly and get bogged out by light rainfall.

When considering installment of your garden lights there are only a few things to remember:

Purchasing garden lights in a kit will make it easier for installation. Most 12V kits include lights, cables and a transformer, which are simple enough to put together. If you can screw the garden lights into place it means extra security! Your garden lights could be pulled out, pushed over or stolen with little resistance if not.
If you want to go all out, purchasing garden lights with motion sensor technology is extremely useful in lighting up an area more significantly when someone passes by. Definitely a good choice if you’re sick of getting stubbed toes from bumping into garden pots in the dark!

If you’re going for a certain effect, using garden lights with a lower brightness, but more fittings are a possible way to create that dreamland feeling. It reduces the number of dark spots around your landscape, enhancing your gardens natural beauty.

Garden lights are themselves, a striking design element. In addition they are generally low maintenance, eliminating overall hassle and creating a lasting effect.

Garden lights are a beautiful and timeless way to add that final touch to your garden. They can create harmony between indoors and outdoors and will never fail to impress even you.