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Fab flooring: Flawless outdoor design


There are several applications for outdoor flooring designs. Deciding on how you want your yard to function will be the determining factor on what material is best



Hardwood flooring offers a rustic, natural aesthetic and is a sustainable material, ideal for high-traffic areas

Boral Timber hardwood Blackbutt raised deck

Boral’s Australian hardwood timber decking is a beautiful and extremely functional material for the ultimate entertainer’s backyard. Available in a variety of species, including blackbutt, which is great for fire- and termite-prone environments, this timber is durable and its natural aesthetic will make it easy to coordinate with your outdoor furniture. boral.com.au/timber

Feast Watson Wet Look Deck Feast Watson Grey Look Deck

According to Feast Watson, the newest trends in outdoor decking finishes are moving away from the natural timber look and towards creating a unique statement and impressive base for outdoor entertaining. Feast Watsons’ newest timber finishes are the Wet Look Deck and the Grey Look Deck. Both are low-odour, water-based products that will add an extra something to your summer celebrations. feastwatson.com.au

timber decking tiles

Ideal for the DIY renovator, Northern Rivers Timber decking tiles can be laid on top of an existing hard surface without the need for tools or tradesmen. Specifically designed for smaller areas, such as balconies, porches, patios, courtyards or pool and spa surrounds, these decking tiles can create a gorgeous mismatch flooring aesthetic. northernriverstimber.com.au


Recycled timber

Displaying the supreme beauty of recycled timber, Northern Rivers Timber offers railway sleepers as a decking solution. The long, thick planks have a unique aesthetic with the holes from the railway spikes exposing the timber’s rich past. The courtyard of this South Melbourne home was designed by Chris Clarke of Swale Modular Concepts. northernriverstimber.com.au



Now available in several textures and colours, paving is also a very efficient flooring option and will provide limitless design options

natural stone paving

Travertine is a beautiful stone and its rare veins of colour and naturally pitted holes offer genuine character and patina. The Classic Light Unfilled tile from Beaumont Tiles is also available in stone, slate, marble, sandstone or granite, and its natural materials make it a very popular choice for tiling, especially in outdoor areas. Pictured is the 189583HU Travertine Classic Light Unfilled tile (610mm x 305mm x 12mm). beaumont-tiles.com.au



Bluestone tiles have withstood the test of time, emerging in Australia in the early 1800s. Beaumont Tiles bluestone is made from hand-selected volcanic rock – it’s hard, dense and durable nature makes it a perfect choice for outdoor tiling applications. Pictured is the 189591 Bluestone Sawn tile (600mm x 300mm x 15mm). beaumont-tiles.com.au



Adbri Masonry’s Euro Stone Riverina pavers offer a beautiful textured finish and are ideal for wet areas, such as around pools or spas, as the rough surface will provide slip resistance. adbrimasonry.com.au


Adbri Masonry_Euro Classic

The Adbri Masonry Euro Classic paver also has sufficient slip-resistant qualities. The mustard aesthetic of this paver looks exquisite next to an aqua blue pool. adbrimasonry.com.au


textured natural paving

Boral’s segmental pavers are a budget-friendly, DIY option for outdoor flooring. Available in many colours and textures, Boral encourages homeowners to be creative with their choice of paving, whether you use different textured tiles or lay the pavers in a unique pattern. boral.com.au


hardwood outdoor flooring

The Cinajus Teakwood Sandstone Honed paver has a luxurious, natural aesthetic and offers grip resistance that is great for poolside applications. The large size of these pavers provides a stylish and sleek outdoor flooring alternative. cinajus.com



Perfect for families with young children and pets, turf is a soft, luxuriant outdoor flooring option


natural style turf

This landscape design by Daniel Tyrrell Landscapes shows the natural beauty of grass. Not only does it offer a rich, green colour, grass is also extremely efficient for households with pets. Also, turf reduces heat in your outdoor space. It makes your surrounding environment cooler and increases the cooling capacity of your home. Photography by Patrick Redmond. danieltyrrell.com.au


eco turf lawn

Time is a precious thing in today’s fast-paced environment, therefore many home fittings and fixtures are being designed around a “maintenance-free” ideology. EcoLogical lawn from Pro-tech Corp is a no-mow, no-water, no-worries turf alternative for your backyard while still providing the look and feel of grass. Ideal for drought-prone areas, EcoLogical lawn is also perfect for the more common apartment and townhouse living where small courtyard areas would be hard to access with a lawnmower. Not only is EcoLogical lawn functionally more efficient, you will also have a healthy-looking green lawn year-round. protechcorp.com.au


synthetic sports lawn

Amber’s Easy Lawn is a natural-looking, synthetic grass option. Non-allergenic and soft under the feet, Easy Lawn is also beneficial for the environment, reducing water usage and waste product, as a synthetic lawn lasts longer than living turf. Easy Lawn also reduces power usage as it doesn’t need to be mowed. ambertiles.com.au



Timber decking, pavers and grass aren’t the only options for outdoor flooring. Think outside the box for a unique aesthetic

scattered paving style

A combination of materials is a great way to play with colours and textures in your yard. Adbri Masonry predicts this mix of materials will be the outdoor trend for the coming seasons and the use of scattered pavers with surrounding loose rock provides a mystical outdoor environment. adbrimasonry.com.au


outdoor rugs

No one thinks of a carpet outside except for DEDON with its outdoor carpet collection. Created by international carpet designer Michaela Schleypen, the aim is to enable homeowners to craft a living room in the backyard. Made from polypropylene with a latex backing, these carpets are weatherproof and can be easily cleaned with a standard brushless vacuum cleaner. dedon.de/en



With the strength of porcelain but the aesthetic of natural timber, the Atelier Italian tile collection from Amber has been designed for use both indoors and out. With a slip-resistant surface, the Atelier tiles are available in five stylish colours, including ivory, beige, brown, wengè, and grey and, due to their versatility, can seamlessly integrate your indoor and outdoor spaces. ambertiles.com.au


Words Karsha Green

Originally from Outdoor Rooms magazine Issue 22