Garden lighting: how to light your way to the perfect garden


Thinking about how you will use garden lighting during the design stage makes all the difference to how it will look — and feel — at night

Sometimes garden lighting is a bit of an afterthought. A great deal of care goes into choosing the paving, plants and pots, but how much attention is paid to what should be illuminated and what type of fittings used?

Thinking about how you will light your garden during the design stage makes all the difference to how it will look — and feel — at night. Integrating lighting into your original garden design plan means the end result will look intentional rather than like a late addition. Moreover, it can save you money and hassle in the long run.

Finding an exterior lighting expert with horticultural knowledge and landscape design experience is the key to success. So, too, is choosing premium-quality fittings. Castlight, a company specialising in low-voltage (12-volt) architectural and landscape lighting, ticks all of these boxes.

Company owner Nigel Finnimore has a horticultural and landscape design background. “This knowledge is very valuable when selecting what to light and by which method, especially for the planting,” says Nigel. “Designing lighting schemes is an integral part of the service we provide. We meet clients on site to assess the garden and talk through their needs and, later, we meet with the electrical contractor to mark out on site the exact positions so as not to compromise the design.”

To help clients make informed choices, they are invited to the showroom to view the Castlight product range and go through the lighting design and specifications. “They can then see how the various effects can be achieved and can view on a big screen some of the projects we have completed over the past 25 years,” says Nigel.

Castlight products are designed and manufactured in Australia and the quality is unmatched. The company is especially known for its brass and cast-bronze ranges, which have been designed to withstand even the most punishing coastal conditions. They weather naturally, taking on a beautiful, timeless patina. There are many standout products, but one of the most popular is the Gemini “twin” range, suitable for contemporary and traditional gardens. You have a choice of five fittings and you can opt for brass, which ages like the cast-bronze, or powdercoated, machined aluminium. The latter is for locations where coastal conditions don’t apply.

“Because we have such a broad range of fittings and accessories it means we are able to highlight structures and plants in a variety of ways, not just by using the standard lighting technique of uplighting,” says Nigel. “And to ensure your new lights will complement your landscape design, we can organise custom colours to blend with outdoor structures such as pergolas.”

The garden featured here showcases Castlight products and Nigel’s design flair. “The brief was to ensure the home would stand out from the rest,” he says. “It was also vital that the home and garden lighting be harmonious and the architectural features of the house highlighted, without people being blinded by glare.”

The client was thrilled with the end result and Nigel and the Castlight team took immense pride in exceeding expectations. As you can see, with expert guidance, there are myriad ways to turn a garden into an enchanting nightscape.

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