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Jumping for joy with in-ground trampolines


In-ground trampolines that are out of this world

Keeping kids entertained in the great outdoors is high on the priority list for most parents. With lockdowns and internet-enabled devices keeping youngsters engrossed and indoors, it can be tricky getting them to soak up their daily dose of vitamin D. However, an in-ground trampoline is your sure-fire ticket to outdoor fun every time.

Specialising in high-quality, durable, in-ground and above-ground products with extended warranties and the best after-sales service, the team at Oz Trampolines will look after you from stationary beginning to bouncy end. One of Oz Trampolines’ most popular models is a European in-ground trampoline designed for easy installation. Requiring minimal excavation and boasting significantly reduced installation costs, these trampolines are built with 22cm German steel springs that guarantee excellent bounce and maximum safety while remaining whisper-quiet.

“Our trampolines are growing in popularity among homeowners looking for improved safety and a more attractive part of their backyard landscape,” says a representative from Oz Trampolines. “Additionally, we have a national network of installers ready to help with the installation of your trampoline.”

Made with safety in mind, in-ground trampolines are easy to assemble and aesthetically pleasing in any yard. Most significantly, these trampolines have no added height to fall from, thereby increasing the safety aspect for users.

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