No stain, no pain: durable decking solution


Making maintenance easier, the HardieDeck™ system is a durable Hardie board decking solution resistant to rotting, termites, fire and damage from moisture

Removing the need for regular staining and replacing, HardieDeck™ is the perfect timber alternative decking solution.  HardieDeck™ can be can be coated in durable paving paint in a range of colours to suit personal taste and style. It can also be clear sealed for a raw, industrial aesthetic.

The greatest benefit to HardieDeck™ is that it is fast and easy to install. Once the first board is positioned a double winged anodized aluminium base jointer slots into the machined groove. Then a second HardieDeck™ board slots into the winged base jointer. Next, the base jointer is screwed to each joist. Once the boards are coated, the screws are concealed by a powder coated aluminium top strip that simply snaps in.

The HardieDeck™ system also comes with optional products that allow for custom designs as well as a 10 year system warranty.


James Hardie

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