Bringing gardens to life with organic plant food

Keeping plants flourishing and gardens brilliant, 5 IN 1 Organic Plant Food promotes enhances plant growth and improves soil with organic goodness

5 IN 1 Organic Plant Food is Australian Organic Registered to both Australian and worldwide standards.  Used and recommended by champion growers, it has been endorsed by The Qld Rose Society.

Made from cow, fowl, sheep manures, mushroom compost, zeolite, blood & bone and hoof and horn, it is an ideal solution for adding beneficial microbes to the soil and boosting plant performance. While chemical fertilisers tend to leach away very quickly, 5 IN 1’s organic form ensures the existing humus and organic material store the new nutrients, which creates a ‘slow release’ effect.

5 IN 1 Organic Plant Food is available in various sizes and several application methods including dig in, pellets, liquid concentrate and hose-on.


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