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One of a kind: pool tiles


No two tiles in this stunning range are the same

Look carefully at this award-winning pool by Urban Oasis, in particular the tiles. The high-quality ceramic Sea Mist pool tile isn’t a plain-coloured tile. Presented in an alternating pattern, the tiles contain various shades and no two tiles in this range are the same.

The gradient changes within each tile from inside to out. “The alternation provides a natural, classic finish to the pool,” says Scott Bryant, commercial sales manager of Tiles on Bradman Drive. “It is a timeless tile that provides a natural finish that will not date. Unlike other tiles, Sea Mist varies its colour not only through each tile, but through the variety of blues that provide a natural effect that mimics the sea’s clear blue waters.” This means it is perfect for almost every application and delivers a clear, crisp blue colour to the pool.

“Alternation of colours creates a natural random rhythm,” continues Scott. “It is the subtle variation that makes the pattern. It is a combination of elements repeated but with variations. We believe there is a place for repetition, pattern and rhythm and in pools this creates a timeless natural finish.”

Urban Oasis won the 2011 SPASA SA Best Concrete Pool up to $50,000 Bronze award for this pool. The highly awarded pool builder has also won more than 50 national and South Australian Swimming Pool and Spa Association awards in the past five years. “Winning multiple awards year after year in 13 different categories is a reflection of our commitment to excellence, from concept to design, selection, build and finish,” says Lorenzo Peressin, managing director of Urban Oasis. “We are particularly proud of our HIA award and the National Silver award for Best Sustainable Pool.”

Tiles on Bradman Drive has earned a reputation as a style pioneer in Adelaide. Formerly known as Tiles on Burbridge Road, the company has acquired more than 40 years of knowledge by working with customers’ unique tastes and design preferences to achieve stunning results for their pools.

When helping clients with their tile choice, Tiles on Bradman Drive finds out what effect a client would like for their pool. “Everyone wants a different look for their pool and it’s important to find out what that is and to choose a tile accordingly,” explains Scott. “Some people know exactly what they want from looking at the tiles, others need more help to choose. We usually assist through photos and samples that the customer can take home and choose from.”

The company, which supplies Australia nationally and is a SPASA SA member, specialises in high-quality pool tiles including ceramic, glass and stone in various sizes and surfaces. They include crackled surfaces and digital swirl prints, anti-slip tiles and coping pieces. It has the largest pool tile range in South Australia, with ranges in ceramic, glass, and stone pool tiles.

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